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Aztec Names Starting With “E”

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Discover the rich and vibrant world of Aztec names beginning with the letter “E.” The Aztec civilization, known for its remarkable contributions to art, culture, and history, bestowed unique names upon its people. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating meanings and significance behind Aztec names that start with the letter “E,” shedding light on a fascinating aspect of this ancient Mesoamerican culture.

1.EhecatlWindAztec god of wind, associated with Quetzalcoatl
2.EhécatlWindAnother spelling of Ehecatl
3.EcatzinNoble oneName used in Aztec nobility
4.EtalpalliWing of the daySymbolic or poetic name
5.EztliBloodSymbolic element in rituals and mythology
6.EloxochitlMagnoliaImportant flower in Aztec culture
7.EpcoatlOn the shore of the riverGeographic or poetic name
8.EhuatlCompanionTerm used in names or titles
9.Eztli-EhecatlBlood of the windCombination of symbols of wind and life force
10.EhecameaFace of the windMythological or poetic name
11.Ecatl-EhecatlWind of the windRedundant name emphasizing wind aspect
12.EtzalcualiztliEating of maize and beansAztec festival name
13.EztlanPlace of bloodMythical or legendary place
14.EecatlVariant of EhecatlAztec god of wind
15.EcatonalliRay of the sunSymbolic name, related to sun worship
16.EhecatotontliLittle wind godsMinor deities or spirits associated with wind
17.EcatzincoNoble place by the riverGeographic or noble title
18.EcatlapalliRiver wingPoetic or geographical name
19.Eztli-OllinBlood movementSymbolic of life force and change
20.EhuaTo rise, to shineTerm used in poetry or symbolism
21.EhecatotecatlWind lordTitle for a wind deity or priest
22.EcatlapanecatlRiver shore dwellerGeographic or poetic name
23.Ehuatl-EhecatlWind companionPoetic or mythological name
24.EcatlecatlRiver reedGeographic or poetic name
25.EtzalliJewel or precious thingTerm used in names or poetry
26.EhualacoFoam of the waterGeographic or poetic name
27.EhecatonalPlace of windLocation or area associated with wind
28.EcatonRay or beamUsed in names symbolizing light or sun
29.Ehecatl-QuetzalcoatlWind Feathered SerpentTitle for the god Quetzalcoatl as wind deity
30.EcatlachinolliBurning watersSymbolic of war or sacrificial practices
31.EhuanMy companionTerm used in names or titles
32.Eztli-MixtliBlood cloudCombination of symbols of life and sky
33.EcatzinNoble windNoble title or name
34.EhecalcoHouse of the windBuilding or place dedicated to wind deity
35.EcatlapancoOn the river bankGeographic name
36.EhecatlapanOn the shore of the windPoetic or mythological place
37.Eztli-EcatlBlood windSymbolic of sacrificial aspects
38.Eztli-OcelotlBlood JaguarSymbolic of power and ferocity
39.EhuatzinSmall companionTerm used in names or endearment
40.EcatzinRevered oneTerm of respect or nobility
41.EhecatlachihuilMade by the windPoetic or mythological concept
42.Ehecatl-AtlWind waterSymbolic of elements in nature
43.Ehécatl-OmecatlTwo wind serpentsMythological or symbolic name
44.EcatlaxopeuhHe who comes from the riverGeographic or mythological name
45.EcatemalacatlPlace of the river shieldsGeographic or battle-related name
46.Ehecatl-PipiltinNoble windTitle for nobility associated with wind
47.EhuacatlGood windTerm used for beneficial or positive wind
48.Ecatl-EztlacuaniRiver beastMythological creature or concept
49.EhualtiaTo rise or growTerm used in growth or development
50.EcatlapanOn the shore of the riverGeographic name or place
Aztec Names Starting With “E”

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