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Aztec Names Starting With “I”

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Intrigued by the fascinating world of Aztec culture and looking for unique names that start with the letter “I”? You’re in the right place! Aztec names are rich in history and significance, reflecting the ancient civilization’s deep connection to nature, gods, and the cosmos. In this article, we’ll explore a collection of Aztec names that begin with the letter “I,” each carrying its own special meaning and cultural resonance.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.ItzpapalotlObsidian butterfly, a warrior goddess
2.IxtliltonGod of medicine, healing, and feasting
3.IxchelMayan goddess with parallels in Aztec mythology
4.ItzcoatlObsidian serpent, an Aztec emperor
5.IxtabMayan goddess of suicide, with Aztec parallels
6.IhuicatlNahuatl word for sky, heaven
7.IlamatecuhtliAn old woman deity, goddess of earth
8.IxtlahuacaPlace of hidden waters, an Aztec geographic name
9.ItotiaNahuatl word for dance
10.IpalnemohuaniThe giver of life, a name for a high deity
11.ItztlacoliuhquiGod of frost and cold, associated with justice
12.IztaccihuatlWhite woman, name of a mountain and mythic figure
13.ItzocanPlace of obsidian, a term in Aztec culture
14.IlancueitlOld woman skirt, an epithet for an earth goddess
15.IxnextliNahuatl word for ash or residue
16.IztacmixcoatlWhite cloud serpent, a cultural or mythic figure
17.IxiptlaA representation or impersonator of a deity
18.ItzliObsidian, a significant material in Aztec culture
19.ItzcaliNahuatl word for house of beauty
20.IxcozauhquiYellow faced, a term or name in Aztec culture
21.ItztliObsidian, a variant spelling of Itzli
22.IxcatzinA noble name in Aztec culture
23.ItztapaltotecObsidian-bladed deity or figure
24.IxhuatlNahuatl word for cotton or canvas
25.ItzamatulPlace of the agave mat, a geographic term
26.IxquimilliEye mask, a term in Aztec dress or warfare
27.ItztlacuilohObsidian mirror, a significant object in culture
28.IxtacahuatzinNoble name in Aztec culture
29.ItzmoliniaA term for a sprouting plant, related to agriculture
30.IxayaNahuatl word for calling or shouting
31.ItzapanPlace of obsidian, a term for a geographical area
32.IxtliNahuatl word for face or surface
33.ItzmictlanPlace of the dead, similar to Mictlan
34.IxtleA type of fiber used in Aztec clothing
35.ItzcozamalotlObsidian bat, a mythical or cultural figure
36.IxtapalapanPlace on the edge of the water, a geographic term
37.ItzquemitlObsidian garment, a term in Aztec clothing
38.IxcoatlNahuatl word for serpent or snake
39.ItzpilzinNahuatl word for noble or precious child
40.IxtlahuatlNahuatl word for plain or valley
41.ItztapalA place or object associated with obsidian
42.ItztotecA term associated with obsidian or sacrifice
43.IxtacatecatlA person associated with white paper
44.ItzminA term possibly related to animals or hunting
45.ItzcoaltA variant of Itzcoatl
46.IxtlahuacA term for a vast or extensive place
47.ItztlacuilolA term related to writing or inscriptions
48.IxayacatlA term related to the face or surface
49.ItztapalliA term related to obsidian or flint
50.ItztlahuacA term for something associated with frost or cold
Aztec Names Starting With “I”

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