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Aztec Names Starting With “N”

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In the rich tapestry of Aztec culture and history, names played a significant role in defining identity and heritage. In this article, we delve into Aztec names starting with the letter “N,” uncovering their meanings and cultural significance. Explore the fascinating world of Aztec nomenclature and discover the beauty and depth of these ancient names.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.NanahuatzinThe humble god who sacrificed himself in fire
2.NahuatlThe Aztec language itself
3.NochehuatlAn Aztec noble or ruler’s name
4.NezahualcoyotlA philosopher king of Texcoco, known for his poetry
5.NahualliA shapeshifter or magician in Aztec mythology
6.NezahualpilliSon of Nezahualcoyotl and king of Texcoco
7.NanauatzinAn alternative spelling of Nanahuatzin
8.NochtliNahuatl word for prickly pear fruit
9.NacazcolAn Aztec term for a particular type of priest
10.NenetlNahuatl word for doll, often used in rituals
11.NextepeuaNahuatl word meaning to scatter or spread
12.NoxochicoztliNahuatl word for orchid, a revered flower
13.NecocyaotlNahuatl word for enemy or opposition
14.NopalNahuatl word for the cactus plant
15.NahuiThe number four in Nahuatl, significant in mythology
16.Nican MopohuaNahuatl phrase meaning “here it is told”
17.NecalliNahuatl word for battle or war
18.NotzalliNahuatl word for my sweat, metaphor for hard work
19.NacatlNahuatl word for meat, a food source
20.NoyolloNahuatl term for heart or mind
21.NoxalcoA place name in Aztec culture
22.NoyolotzinA term of endearment in Nahuatl
23.NacaztzinA noble title or name in Aztec culture
24.NequechtliNahuatl word for maguey, an important plant
25.NenepantlaNahuatl word for middle or in-between space
26.NochtzinA title or noble name in Aztec culture
27.NahuatlatolliNahuatl word for the Nahuatl language or speech
28.NopalliAnother form of the word for cactus
29.NecahualNahuatl word for survivor or leftover
30.NenehuatzinA variant of Nanahuatzin
31.NahuelpilliA title or name in Aztec nobility
32.NochipaNahuatl word meaning “again” or “anew”
33.NahuatilliNahuatl word for law or ordinance
34.NicanNahuatl word meaning “here”
35.NicantlacatlNahuatl term for foreigner or outsider
36.NoxocoyotzinAn Aztec noble or ruler’s name
37.Nican TlacaNahuatl phrase meaning “we the people”
38.NenemiNahuatl word for life or livelihood
39.NectliNahuatl word for sap or juice
40.NoxiptlaA term or name in Aztec culture
41.NequimilcoA place name in Aztec culture
42.NahuatatoNahuatl word for a speaker or orator
43.NacomecatlNahuatl term for a type of laborer or worker
44.NahualliA term for a shape-shifter or sorcerer
45.NoyauhNahuatl word for companion or friend
46.NopaltzinA noble or ruler’s name in Aztec culture
47.NecocNahuatl word meaning something across or opposite
48.NocheztliNahuatl word for the cochineal insect
49.NopalxochitlNahuatl word for a flower related to the cactus
50.NezahualPart of the name Nezahualcoyotl, meaning fasting or fasting coyote
Aztec Names Starting With “N”

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