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Aztec Names Starting With “O”

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In the rich tapestry of Aztec culture, names held profound significance, reflecting history, spirituality, and identity. In this exploration of Aztec names starting with the letter “O,” we delve into the fascinating world of Mesoamerican nomenclature, uncovering the meanings and stories behind these unique and meaningful appellations.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.OmeteotlThe dual god representing the cosmic energy
2.OllinMovement, an Aztec day sign and concept of change
3.OtontecuhtliLord of the Otomi, a title in Aztec culture
4.OcelotlJaguar, a significant animal symbol in Aztec culture
5.OmecihuatlThe female aspect of Ometeotl, the dual cosmic force
6.OmecatlNahuatl word for rope or cord, used in various contexts
7.OpochtliLeft-handed, a god of hunting and fishing
8.OztoticpacA place name in the Aztec empire
9.OhtencoA place name, possibly meaning ‘on the road’
10.OquichtliBrave man, a term for warriors in Aztec society
11.OzomatliMonkey, an Aztec day sign representing playfulness
12.OtomiAn ethnic group and language related to the Aztecs
13.OceloxochitlTiger flower, a plant with cultural significance
14.Ollin TonatiuhMovement of the Sun, a reference to an Aztec era
15.OcotochtliPine, a tree with various uses in Aztec culture
16.OcelotzinLittle jaguar, a term of endearment or a name
17.OztomecatlA type of laborer or worker in Aztec society
18.OcozauhquiA celestial or mythological concept in Aztec belief
19.Ollin MecatlRope of movement, a concept in Aztec mythology
20.OtliRoad or path, a significant metaphor in Aztec culture
21.OccepaOnce again, a term in Nahuatl language
22.OcelocoatlJaguar serpent, a mythological creature or symbol
23.Ome TochtliTwo Rabbit, a day in the Aztec calendar
24.OhtliRoad, a symbol of journey and destiny
25.OcelotototlJaguar bird, a mythical or symbolic creature
26.OceloxochitonalA place or concept associated with jaguar and flowers
27.Ome AcatlTwo Reed, a day in the Aztec calendar
28.OhtlatocoponiFrom the beginning of the road, a term in Aztec culture
29.OcelotlapanOn the jaguar’s back, a metaphorical term
30.OtlatoponiA term related to beginnings or origins
31.Ollin AtlWater in motion, a term for rivers or flowing water
32.OcelotepecJaguar hill, a place name or mythological location
33.Ome CalliTwo House, a day in the Aztec calendar
34.Ollin EhecatlWind in motion, a concept related to air and change
35.Ome ItzcuintliTwo Dog, a day in the Aztec calendar
36.OcelotlapinJaguar-rabbit, a symbolic or mythical creature
37.Ollin QuiahuitlRain in motion, a term for weather or storms
38.OcelotlachinolliJaguar-burning water, a symbolic or mythological term
39.Ome TecpatlTwo Flint, a day in the Aztec calendar
40.Ollin MictlanMovement in the underworld, a concept in Aztec mythology
41.OtontliA small or young Otomi, a term in Aztec culture
42.OcelocoatlJaguar snake, a mythical or symbolic creature
43.Ome TochtliTwo Rabbit, a symbolic term in Aztec culture
44.OhtencoA place name, possibly meaning ‘on the road’
45.OcelotlJaguar, a significant animal in Aztec mythology
46.OllinMovement, an important concept in Aztec cosmology
47.OmecihuatlThe female aspect of Ometeotl, a cosmic deity
48.OzomahtliMonkey, an Aztec day sign representing playfulness
49.OmeyocanThe place of duality, a celestial realm
50.Ollin ZotzontliSmall movement, a term in Aztec culture
Aztec Names Starting With “O”

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