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Aztec Names Starting With “Q”

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Intrigued by the rich and fascinating world of Aztec culture and names? You’re in for a treat as we delve into Aztec names beginning with the letter Q. Discover the meanings, history, and significance of these unique names that carry the legacy of one of the most remarkable civilizations in history.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.QuetzalcoatlThe Feathered Serpent deity, associated with wind and learning
2.QuetzalpapalotlMythical creature, “Quetzal butterfly”
3.QuetzalliPrecious feather or something fine, a symbol of beauty
4.QuauhtliEagle, a symbol of strength and warriors in Aztec culture
5.QuilaztliA name in Aztec culture, possibly related to nobility
6.QuiauitlRain, a significant element in Aztec culture
7.QuimichinA term for tiny people or creatures in mythology
8.QuauhtemocThe name of the last Aztec emperor
9.Quetzalcoatl-EhecatlCombination of Quetzalcoatl and the wind god Ehecatl
10.QuiyahuitlRain, another term for this essential element
11.QuauhtliA day in the Aztec calendar, represented by an eagle
12.QuitzalitzliA type of precious or beautiful bird
13.QuetzalmamatzinA noble or revered person, associated with Quetzalcoatl
14.Quetzalcoatl QuauhtemocA name combining the deity and emperor
15.QuetzalxochitlPrecious flower, a term for beauty and art
16.QuetzalpetlatlA mat or carpet with quetzal feather designs
17.QuetzalitzinNoble or regal, associated with the quetzal bird
18.QuauhxicalliAn eagle bowl, used in sacrificial ceremonies
19.QuimichtinA term for mice or small rodents
20.QuincamatlA traditional carrying device in Aztec culture
21.QuauhpilliA title for nobility, akin to a prince or lord
22.Quetzalcoatl-TetzauhteotlA deity combination, possibly for a specific ritual
23.Quetzalcoatl-ToltecatlReference to Quetzalcoatl as a Toltec ancestor
24.QuauitlA term for tree or wood, significant in various contexts
25.Quetzalli-TeotlA divine or sacred aspect of the quetzal
26.QuecholliA type of bird, possibly used symbolically
27.Quetzalcoatl-HuitzilopochtliA combination of two major deities
28.QuetzalapancoatlA serpent or dragon adorned with quetzal feathers
29.Quetzalcoatl-PiltzintecuhtliA combination referring to a youthful aspect of the deity
30.Quetzalcoatl-XolotlCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Xolotl, the dog deity
31.Quetzalcoatl-CihuacoatlCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Cihuacoatl, a female deity
32.Quetzalcoatl-EhuatlCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Ehuatl, representing air
33.Quetzalcoatl-TezcatlipocaCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Tezcatlipoca, symbolizing duality
34.QuauhnahuacAn alternative name for the city of Cuernavaca
35.Quetzalcoatl-OmecihuatlCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Omecihuatl, representing creation
36.Quetzalcoatl-ChalchiuhtlicueCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Chalchiuhtlicue, the water goddess
37.Quetzalcoatl-TlalocCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Tlaloc, the rain god
38.Quetzalcoatl-TonatiuhCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Tonatiuh, the sun god
39.Quetzalcoatl-TlaltecuhtliCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Tlaltecuhtli, the earth goddess
40.Quetzalcoatl-HuehueteotlCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Huehueteotl, the old fire god
41.Quetzalcoatl-Xipe TotecCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Xipe Totec, associated with spring and renewal
42.Quetzalcoatl-XochipilliCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Xochipilli, the god of art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, maize, and song
43.Quetzalcoatl-ItzlacoliuhquiCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Itzlacoliuhqui, symbolizing justice
44.Quetzalcoatl-CenteotlCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Centeotl, the maize god
45.Quetzalcoatl-MictlantecuhtliCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Mictlantecuhtli, god of the dead
46.Quetzalcoatl-XiuhtecuhtliCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Xiuhtecuhtli, the fire god
47.Quetzalcoatl-QuilaztliCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Quilaztli, a goddess in Aztec mythology
48.Quetzalcoatl-TlazolteotlCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Tlazolteotl, the goddess of lust, carnality, sexual misdeeds
49.Quetzalcoatl-TlazolteotlCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Tlazolteotl, the goddess of lust, carnality, sexual misdeeds
50.Quetzalcoatl-XochiquetzalCombination of Quetzalcoatl with Xochiquetzal, the goddess of fertility, beauty, and female sexual power
Aztec Names Starting With “Q”

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