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Celtic Names Starting With “B”

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In the enchanting world of Celtic names, each letter bears its unique charm and significance. In this captivating exploration, we delve into Celtic names beginning with the letter “B.” These names are steeped in rich history, folklore, and tradition, offering a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of the Celtic lands. Whether you’re seeking a name for your newborn or simply drawn to the allure of Celtic heritage, this article will introduce you to a treasure trove of names that capture the essence of Celtic mystique.

1.BalorThe deadly oneKing of the Fomorians
2.BanbaPigletGoddess of Ireland
3.BeagSmallGoddess of smallness and humility
4.BebinnMelodious womanGoddess of childbirth
5.BelatucadrosFair shining oneGod of war and destruction
6.BelenusBright or shining oneSun god
7.BelisamaSummer brightGoddess of light and fire
8.BendigeidfranBlessed ravenGiant king
9.BlathnatLittle flowerGoddess of beauty
10.BoannWhite cowGoddess of the River Boyne
11.BodhmallUnknownFemale druid
12.BorvoBoilingHealing deity
13.BranRavenGod of prophecy and the arts
14.BranwenWhite ravenGoddess of love and beauty
15.BresBeautifulKing of the Tuatha Dé Danann
16.BrianHigh, nobleGod associated with power
17.BrictaMagickGoddess of healing and magick
18.BrigantiaHigh one or exalted oneGoddess of the land and sovereignty
19.BrigidExalted oneGoddess of fire, poetry, and healing
20.BritomartisSweet virginGoddess of hunters and fishermen
21.BronachSorrowFemale spirit associated with grief
23.BuccaMale spiritSea spirit
24.BudiVictoryWar god
25.BuíYellowGoddess or spirit
26.BuxenusUnknownLocal deity
27.BuannanShepherdGod of cattle herders
28.BuranunnosHorned oneGod of animals and the wild
29.BresalBeautyHigh king in legends
30.BrenosKingWar god
31.BrictomarisGreat judge or great fortGod associated with maritime affairs
32.BrigindoHigh oneGoddess of the hearth
33.BrinaHigh, nobleGoddess of the highlands
34.BritoviusOf BritainWar god
35.BrocmailBadgerHeroic figure
36.BroganUnknownSaintly figure
37.BroichanUnknownDruid figure
38.BrusUnknownLegendary figure
39.BuanannEnduringGoddess of battle
40.BuxenusUnknownLocal deity
41.BormanaBoilingGoddess associated with healing waters
42.BudicAwakeLegendary king
43.BuicVictoriousWarrior figure
44.BileTreeGod associated with trees and forests
45.BladudWolf lordMythical king and necromancer
46.BolgiosThe flashing oneWarrior deity
47.Bresal Bó-DíbadWorld destroyerMythical king
48.BriavelUnknownLocal deity
49.BrondHigh, nobleLegendary figure
50.BudocAwakeBishop and saintly figure
Celtic Names Starting With “B”

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