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Celtic Names Starting With “C”

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Welcome to our exploration of Celtic names that begin with the letter C! Celtic names are rich in history, culture, and symbolism, making them a popular choice for parents seeking meaningful names for their children. In this article, we’ll delve into a diverse selection of Celtic names, each with its unique charm and significance, all starting with the letter C.

1.CaiRejoicerWarrior in Arthurian legend
2.CailleachVeiled oneDivine hag, a creator deity
3.CalatinUnknownSorcerer in Irish mythology
4.CamulosUnknownWar god
5.CanolaLittle wolfMythological musician
6.CaradocBelovedLegendary figure
7.CarmanWitchGoddess of evil magic
8.CaswallawnBattle leaderMythological king
9.CathbadBattle manDruid in Irish mythology
10.CechtThe ploughmanGod of healing
11.CeridwenFair poetryGoddess of rebirth, transformation
12.CernunnosHorned oneGod of fertility, animals, wealth
13.CerridwenCauldron of wisdomGoddess of inspiration
14.CliodhnaShapely, beautifulIrish goddess, queen of the Banshees
15.ClotaWashing, cleansingGoddess of the River Clyde
16.CocidiusUnknownWar and hunting god
17.CollHazelWisdom, poetic arts
18.Conall CernachVictorious, triumphantHero in Ulster Cycle
19.ConandUnknownLeader of the Fomorians
20.CondatisMeeting of watersGod of confluences
21.CondwiramurUnknownCharacter in Arthurian legend
22.ConlaHero, warriorSon of Cuchulainn
23.ConlethUnknownChristian saint
24.ConnlaUnknownHero in Irish mythology
25.Cormac mac AirtCharioteer sonLegendary High King of Ireland
26.CorotiacusUnknownWar god
27.CoventinaUnknownWater goddess
28.CreidhneCraftsman, artisanGod of metal working
29.CreirwyToken of the eggDaughter of Ceridwen
30.CridenbelUnknownCharacter in Irish mythology
31.CuchulainnHound of CulannHero of the Ulster Cycle
32.CuimhneMemoryGoddess of memory
33.CunobelinusStrong as a dogHistorical king
34.CurcogCraneMythical warrior
35.CuroiUnknownKing of Munster
36.Cwn AnnwnHounds of the otherworldSupernatural hounds
37.CyhiraethWailingDeath portent, banshee
38.Cymidei CymeinfollPregnant in battleGiantess in Welsh mythology
39.CynonChiefHero in Arthurian legend
40.CythrawlChaos, disorderGod of chaos
41.Cailleach BhéaraOld woman of BeareDeity representing winter
42.Caer IbormeithYew berryDream goddess
43.CaladbolgHard cleftMythical sword
44.CarpreArtisanPoet god
45.CassivellaunusLeader of the Cassi tribeHistorical war leader
46.CathuboduaBattle crowWar goddess
47.CerdicUnknownFounding king in English legend
48.ClídnaShapelyIrish goddess or fairy
49.CoinchendUnknownCharacter in Irish mythology
50.Conaire MórGreat fireLegendary High King of Ireland
Celtic Names Starting With “C”

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