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Celtic Names Starting With “D”

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In the enchanting world of Celtic names, each letter holds a unique significance and charm. In this article, we embark on a captivating journey through Celtic names that begin with the letter “D,” unveiling their rich history, meanings, and cultural connections. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a baby’s name or simply exploring the beauty of Celtic heritage, join us as we delve into a treasure trove of delightful “D” names rooted in the mystique of Celtic tradition.

1.DagdaThe good godGod of protection, warriors
2.DanaMother of the godsMother goddess
3.DanuFlowing oneMother goddess
4.Dian CechtThe swift in powerGod of healing
5.DiarmuidWithout envyHero of the Fianna
6.Dis PaterFather of godsGod of the underworld
7.DonnDark, brownGod of the dead
8.DruantiaQueen of the druidsGoddess of fertility and passion
9.DubhDarkGod of darkness
10.DubnosWorldGod of the world
11.DumnorixKing of the worldHistorical figure
12.DuibneBlack, darkGoddess or spirit
13.DunatisFortressGod of fortifications
14.DwynSteal, snatchLove god
15.DylanSon of the waveSea god
16.DechtireUnknownMother of Cuchulainn
17.DelbáethUnknownMythological figure
18.DeirdreFear, ragging womanHeroine in Ulster Cycle
19.Donn CuailngeBrown bull of CooleyMythological bull
20.DruimneBack, ridgeMinor deity or spirit
21.DuberdicusDark waterWater god
22.Dubh LachaDark duckMythological figure
23.DubnosDeepUnderworld god
24.DuibhneDarkGoddess or spirit
25.DumnorixWorld kingHeroic figure
26.DunlaithFortress of beautyGoddess or queen
27.DwyvachGoddessWife of Dwyvan
28.DamonaDivine cowGoddess of cattle
29.DarercaOakSaintly figure
30.DecteraTearsMother of Cuchulainn
31.DedadUnknownMythological king
32.DelgnatUnknownWife of Mac Cecht
33.DiancechtSwift in powerPhysician of the gods
34.DigdeUnknownMythological figure
35.DilLove, desireGod of love
36.DobarEvilMythological figure
37.DomnuDeepGoddess of the deep
38.DonandBrown, nobleGoddess or queen
39.Donn FirinneBrown man of truthGod of the dead
40.DornollFist, gripWarrior woman
41.DoviniaRiver goddessGoddess of the River Dove
42.DrustRiot, tumultLegendary king
43.Dubh LachaBlack, dark lakeWoman in Irish legend
44.DubnosDeep, darkGod of deep places
45.DubthachDark, blackMythological figure
46.DumnorixKing of the worldHeroic figure
47.DunlangWorld kingLegendary king
48.DwyvachDivine womanWife of Dwyvan in Welsh mythology
49.DyfnaintDepth, profundityUnderworld goddess
50.DywelDark, obscureMythological figure
Celtic Names Starting With “D”

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