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Celtic Names Starting With “F”

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In the enchanting realm of Celtic names, the letter ‘F’ holds a special significance, with a plethora of beautiful and meaningful names waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re drawn to the rich history and folklore of Celtic culture or simply searching for a unique name for your child, this article is your guide to exploring Celtic names that start with the letter ‘F’. From timeless classics to hidden gems, let’s embark on a journey through the captivating world of Celtic nomenclature.

1.FandPearl, tearSea goddess, queen of the fairies
2.FergusMan of strengthHero in Ulster Cycle
3.FerdiadMan of the pairWarrior in Irish mythology
4.FiachnaRavenSeveral figures in Irish mythology
5.FionnFair, whiteLeader of the Fianna
6.Finn MacCoolFair son of CumhallMythological hunter-warrior
7.FinvarraLeader of the fairiesKing of the Daoine Sidhe
8.FlidaisGoddess of the forestGoddess of animals and woodlands
9.FodlaEarthGoddess of Ireland
10.FuamnachJealous oneWife of Midir
11.FionnualaFair shoulderDaughter of Lir
12.FearghusSuperior manMythological figure
13.FintanWhite fireWise man, shape-shifter
14.Feth FiadaVeil of invisibilityMagical attribute
15.FionntanWhite ancientMythological seer
16.Fear DoirichDark manGod of the underworld
17.FedelmidBeauty or eleganceFigure in Irish mythology
18.FiachaRavenSeveral figures in Irish mythology
19.FidelmaConstant or trueFigure in Irish mythology
20.FindabairWhite phantomDaughter of Queen Medb
21.Fir BolgMen of the bagGroup of mythological beings
22.FiannaWarrior bandFollowers of Fionn MacCool
23.Fintan Mac BóchraWhite bull sonMythological figure
24.FionnghualaFair shoulderDaughter of Lir
25.FinngualaFair shoulderMythological figure
26.FionnbharrWhite headKing of the fairies
27.Fir DomnannMen of DomnuMythological tribe
28.FragarachThe answererMythological sword
29.FionnghallWhite valorMythological figure
30.FraochHeatherHero in Irish mythology
31.FomoriansUndersea dwellersMythological race
32.Fergus mac RóichMan of great horseUlster Cycle hero
33.FedelmProphetessWoman warrior in Ulster Cycle
34.FiachRavenKing in Irish mythology
35.FandTear, pearlSea goddess, fairy queen
36.FergalMan of valorMythological king
37.Fergus mac LétiSon of the seaMythological king
38.FiachnaRavenKing of Munster
39.FiachraRavenSon of Lir
40.FionnlaghWhite warriorMythological figure
41.FionulaFair shoulderDaughter of Lir
42.FormaelVery princeMythological figure
43.Fothad CanainnePillar of battleWarrior in Irish mythology
44.Fothad AirgthechPlunderer, destroyerMythological figure
45.FothanFoundation, baseMythological figure
46.FurbaideManly or valiantWarrior in Irish mythology
47.FuamachSilent, deepWife of Midir
48.FionnghusaWhite vigorMythological figure
49.FualdergBloody mantleMythological figure
50.Fíachu LabrainneLong armMythological figure
Celtic Names Starting With “F”

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