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Celtic Names Starting With “G”

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In the rich tapestry of Celtic culture and heritage, names hold a special significance. Celtic names often evoke a sense of mysticism, history, and a deep connection to the land. In this article, we’ll explore a fascinating selection of Celtic names that begin with the letter “G.” Whether you’re searching for a unique name for your child or simply curious about the beautiful meanings and origins of these names, join us on a journey through the enchanting world of Celtic nomenclature.

1.GobanSmithGod of smithing
2.GovannonDivine smithGod of blacksmiths and metalworking
3.GrainneSun or grainHeroine in Irish mythology
4.GwydionBorn of treesMagician and trickster in Welsh mythology
5.Gwyn ap NuddWhite son of NuddKing of the Otherworld
6.GalahadPure, nobleKnight in Arthurian legend
7.GawainMay hawkKnight in Arthurian legend
8.GuinevereWhite shadowQueen in Arthurian legend
9.GwernAlderSon of Branwen in Welsh mythology
10.GilfaethwyWhite hawkFigure in Welsh mythology
11.GrannusHot or burningHealing and solar deity
12.GwythyrVictorOpponent of Gwyn ap Nudd
13.GwawlLightFigure in Welsh mythology
14.GwenhwyfarWhite phantomOriginal Welsh form of Guinevere
15.GwynnFair, whiteHero in Welsh mythology
16.GofannonSmithGod of metalworking
17.GwythrOpponentEnemy of Gwyn ap Nudd
18.GilgameshThe old man is still a young manHero in Sumerian mythology
19.GlitoneaUnknownFigure in Arthurian legend
20.GlanisClean, pureRiver god
21.GarmangabisUnknownDeity in continental Celtic mythology
22.GwionFair, brightFigure in Welsh mythology
23.GreidHeat, sunSolar deity
24.GwyllgiDog of darknessMythological dog
25.GalantValiantKnight in Arthurian legend
26.GwriGolden hairFigure in Welsh mythology
27.GwalchmeiHawk of MayOriginal Welsh form of Gawain
28.GwynhyfarWhite fairyAlternative form of Guinevere
29.GwyllionForest wanderersMythological creatures
30.GwrgiMan-dogHero in Welsh mythology
31.GwydionBorn of treesMagician in Welsh mythology
32.GwyarBloodFigure in Welsh mythology
33.GlanconerIllusionist fairyFairy creature
34.GoborchinDwarfMythological figure
35.GwrgantMan-likeFigure in Welsh mythology
36.GwyrHeroesGroup in Welsh mythology
37.GilfaethwyWhite hawkFigure in Welsh mythology
38.GweirHayFigure in Welsh mythology
39.GwernachAlderEnemy of Arthur in Welsh mythology
40.GwawlLightSon of Clud in Welsh mythology
41.GwengabUnknownFigure in Welsh mythology
42.GwenabwyWhite phantomDaughter of Gwen in Welsh mythology
43.GwrhyrInterpreterFigure in Welsh mythology
44.GwyngelliWild houndMythological creature
45.GwrnachUnknownGiant in Welsh mythology
46.GwresHeatMythological figure
47.GwrtheyrnHigh kingHistorical or mythological king
48.GwyddnoTreesKing in Welsh mythology
49.GwyrthurVictorOpponent of Gwyn ap Nudd
50.GwythaintHawkMythological creature
Celtic Names Starting With “G”

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