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Celtic Names Starting With “I”

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Discover the rich and enchanting world of Celtic names that begin with the letter “I.” Celtic culture is steeped in history, mythology, and tradition, and this selection of names reflects the timeless beauty and significance of this ancient heritage. Whether you’re seeking a name for your child or simply intrigued by the lyrical and meaningful qualities of Celtic nomenclature, this article will introduce you to a diverse array of names that capture the essence of Celtic mystique.

1.IgraineUnknownMother of King Arthur
2.IseultIce rulerPrincess in Arthurian legend
3.IsoldeFair ladyFigure in Tristan and Isolde legend
4.IvorYew, bow armyHero in Welsh and Irish mythology
5.IdyllsUnknownReference to Arthurian tales
6.Iarlles y FfynnonLady of the FountainFigure in Welsh mythology
7.IdrisFiery lordGiant and astrologer in Welsh mythology
8.IforLordHero in Welsh mythology
9.IobharYew treeFigure in Irish mythology
10.IollanOne with many friendsFigure in Irish mythology
11.IorwerthHandsome lordFigure in Welsh mythology
12.IubdanKing, leaderKing of the Leprechauns in Irish folklore
13.Inghean BhuidheYellow-haired girlFigure in Scottish folklore
14.InisfailIsland of destinyPoetic name for Ireland
15.IrnanUnknownFigure in Irish mythology
16.IthCorn, grainExplorer in Irish mythology
17.IvainUnknownKnight in Arthurian legend
18.IfernachWestern manFigure in Irish mythology
19.IucharUnknownSon of Cú Roí in Irish mythology
20.IucharbaUnknownSon of Cú Roí in Irish mythology
21.IthelGenerous or princelyFigure in Welsh mythology
22.IubharYew treeFigure in Irish mythology
23.Idris GawrIdris the giantGiant in Welsh folklore
24.IagoSupplanterFigure in Welsh mythology
25.IlbrechUnknownFigure in Irish mythology
26.IllynUnknownFigure in Arthurian legend
27.ImmramVoyage, journeyGenre of Old Irish tales
28.IndechUnknownFigure in Irish mythology
29.Inis EalgaNoble islandPoetic name for Ireland
30.InogenDaughter, bornFigure in British mythology
31.IobharYew treeFigure in Irish mythology
32.IolairEagleFigure in Scottish folklore
33.IomproidhEncounter, meetingFigure in Irish mythology
34.IorunnUnknownFigure in Norse mythology
35.ItharnDesire, longingFigure in Irish mythology
36.IvorixYew kingFigure in Celtic mythology
37.IwainUnknownKnight in Arthurian legend
38.IdogbeUnknownFigure in Irish mythology
39.IllannUnknownFigure in Irish mythology
40.InberEstuaryFigure in Irish mythology
41.InirUnknownFigure in Irish mythology
42.InnisIslandFigure in Irish and Scottish folklore
43.IobalUnknownFigure in Irish mythology
44.IorunnBeautiful, lovingFigure in Norse mythology
45.IseabailConsecrated to GodScottish form of Isabel
46.IsleenVision, dreamFigure in Irish mythology
47.IsoldaIce rulerFigure in Tristan and Isolde legend
48.Isolde of the White HandsUnknownFigure in Arthurian legend
49.IubdanKing, leaderKing of the Leprechauns in Irish folklore
50.Ivor LlwydGrey yewFigure in Welsh mythology
Celtic Names Starting With “I”

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