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Celtic Names Starting With “K”

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Welcome to our exploration of Celtic names beginning with the letter ‘K.’ Celtic culture is rich in history, mythology, and tradition, and names are an integral part of this heritage. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a baby name, curious about the origins of Celtic nomenclature, or simply interested in the linguistic beauty of these names, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the enchanting world of Celtic names starting with ‘K,’ unraveling their meanings and stories behind them.

1.KayRejoicerKnight in Arthurian legend
2.KianAncient, enduringFather of Lugh in Irish mythology
3.KeltieUnknownReference to Celtic origin
4.KorriganWater spriteBreton fairy
5.KernowHorned oneCornish name for Cornwall
6.KevinHandsome, beautiful birthIrish saint
7.KeelinSlender, fairIrish name
8.KerwynBlessed, fairBreton name
9.KilianWar, strifeIrish saint
10.KinniaAncientIrish name
11.KianAncientFather of Lugh
12.KorriganSmall-dwarfFairy-like creature in Breton mythology
13.KerneHorned oneDeity in Gaulish mythology
14.KeirDark-skinnedName of Celtic origin
15.KeiraLittle dark oneFeminine form of Keir
16.KyleNarrow straitName of Scottish origin
17.KennochaLovelyScottish name
18.KilhwchPigletFigure in Welsh mythology
19.KilianWar, strife or churchIrish saint
20.KynanChiefWelsh name
21.KaneTribute, warriorName of Celtic origin
22.KavanHandsomeIrish name
23.KeganSmall flameWelsh name
24.KeenanAncient, distantIrish name
25.KelleeWarrior, woodName of Celtic origin
26.KellyBright-headedIrish surname and given name
27.KempWarrior, athleteName of Celtic origin
28.KendrickGreatest championWelsh name
29.KenleyRoyal meadowEnglish name of Celtic origin
30.KennedyUgly headIrish surname
31.KentBright whiteWelsh name
32.KentigernChief lordScottish saint
33.KenyonWhite hairedWelsh name
34.KerensaLoveCornish name
35.KeriDusky, darkWelsh name
36.KermitFree manIrish name
37.KerrLeft-handedScottish surname
38.KerryDark hairedIrish county and name
39.KevanHandsome, beautiful birthIrish name
40.KevinaBeautiful birthFeminine form of Kevin
41.KianAncient, long-livedIrish name
42.KieranLittle dark oneIrish saint
43.KillianWar, strifeIrish saint
44.KimballWar leaderName of Celtic origin
45.KinseyThe king’s victoryEnglish name of Celtic origin
46.KiraThroneName of Celtic origin
47.KirstyChristianScottish diminutive of Christine
48.KitBearing ChristEnglish diminutive of Christopher
49.KylanNarrow, straightWelsh name
50.KynaKnowledgeIrish name
Celtic Names Starting With “K”

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