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Celtic Names Starting With “L”

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In the realm of Celtic culture and heritage, names hold a special significance. Names starting with the letter “L” are no exception, as they carry a rich tapestry of history, mythology, and meaning. Whether you’re searching for a name for your child, a character in your story, or simply exploring the fascinating world of Celtic nomenclature, this article is your gateway to discover the allure of Celtic names beginning with the letter “L.” Dive into the mystique of these names, and uncover their hidden stories and profound symbolism.

1.LughLightGod of skills, arts, and crafts
2.LirSeaGod of the sea
3.LeirSeaLegendary British king, basis for King Lear
4.LlyrSeaWelsh equivalent of Lir
5.LugusLight, brightnessGod possibly associated with commerce
6.LiathGreyFigure in Irish mythology
7.LabraidSpeakerLegendary Irish king
8.LaoghaireCalf-keeperIrish king in Ulster Cycle
9.LlywelynLeader, rulerName of several Welsh princes
10.LancelotLand’s lotKnight in Arthurian legend
11.LeborchamBook of great knowledgeWoman in Ulster Cycle
12.LerSeaAlternate name for Lir
13.Li BanBeautiful womanMermaid in Irish folklore
14.LuchtaineCarpenterGod of carpentry in Irish mythology
15.LluddSilver handKing in Welsh mythology
16.Llew Llaw GyffesSkillful handFigure in Welsh mythology
17.LuanWarrior, championName in Irish mythology
18.Lucet MaelGreat lightWelsh saint
19.LugaidDerived from LughName of several figures in Irish mythology
20.LuighseachTorch-bringerName in Irish mythology
21.LunedIdol, imageFigure in Welsh mythology
22.LynetteLittle lakeFigure in Arthurian legend
23.LyonesseLittle lionMythical land in Arthurian legend
24.LaegCharioteerCuchulainn’s charioteer in Irish mythology
25.Liath LuachraGrey of LuachraWarrior woman in Irish mythology
26.LaisrenFlameName in Irish mythology
27.LatharnaLittle fierce oneFigure in Irish mythology
28.Leanan SidheFairy loverFairy muse in Irish folklore
29.LoegaireCalf-keeperWarrior in Irish mythology
30.Lomna DruthBare lunaticFigure in Irish mythology
31.LonBlackbirdFigure in Irish mythology
32.LonnStrongName in Irish mythology
33.LorcánLittle fierce oneName in Irish mythology
34.LuchtaCarpenterGod of carpentry in Irish mythology
35.LuchtigernMouse lordName in Irish mythology
36.LugaidhDerived from LughName in Irish mythology
37.LuighnePoet, bardName in Irish mythology
38.LurachLittle godName in Irish mythology
39.LurigLittle godName in Irish mythology
40.LughaidhDerived from LughName in Irish mythology
41.LyallWolfName of Norse origin used in Celtic regions
42.LyonLittle lionName in Arthurian legend
43.LyonesLittle lionName in Arthurian legend
44.LynLakeWelsh name meaning lake
45.LynceusLynx-eyedFigure in Greek mythology
46.LynessaLittle lionModern name inspired by Celtic origins
47.LyraLyreModern name with ancient Greek roots
48.LabhraidhSpeakerName in Irish mythology
49.LachtnaMilk-coloredName in Irish mythology
50.LachtínMilk-coloredName in Irish mythology
Celtic Names Starting With “L”

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