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Celtic Names Starting With “M”

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In the realm of Celtic culture and tradition, names hold a profound significance, often rooted in ancient folklore, mythology, and historical events. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating world of Celtic names that begin with the letter “M,” uncovering their rich meanings, cultural connections, and the timeless allure they bring to individuals and families seeking a touch of Celtic mystique in their lives.

1.MorriganPhantom queenGoddess of war and fate
2.MabonGreat sonGod of youth and son of Modron
3.ManannanSon of the seaGod of the sea, otherworld, and weather
4.MyrddinSea fortressOriginal Welsh name for Merlin
5.MachaPlainGoddess associated with war and sovereignty
6.MedbIntoxicatingQueen of Connacht in Irish mythology
7.MerlinSea fortressWizard in Arthurian legend
8.MaelgwnPrince houndKing in Welsh mythology
9.MathBearKing in Welsh mythology
10.ModronMotherMother goddess and mother of Mabon
11.MorganSea-bornEnchantress in Arthurian legend
12.MuirgenBorn of the seaFigure in Irish mythology
13.Mael DuinBlack fortHero in Irish legend
14.MungoDear oneSaint in Scottish mythology
15.MyfanwyMy lovely little oneFigure in Welsh folklore
16.MebdIntoxicatingAlternate spelling of Medb
17.MiderJudgeFigure in Irish mythology
18.MordredBrave counselAntagonist in Arthurian legend
19.Myrddin WyltWild MerlinHistorical figure associated with Merlin
20.MabBaby, childQueen Mab in folklore
21.MaccanSon, boyFigure in Irish mythology
22.MaedocMy dear little AedSaint in Irish mythology
23.MaeveIntoxicatingAlternate spelling of Medb
24.MagogUncertainFigure in Welsh mythology
25.MailleWarriorFigure in Irish mythology
26.MairMaryFigure in Welsh mythology
27.MalChiefFigure in Irish mythology
28.MalachyMy messengerSaint in Irish mythology
29.ManawydanSon of the seaFigure in Welsh mythology
30.MarcHorseKing in Welsh mythology
31.MareduddGreat lordFigure in Welsh mythology
32.MarmadukeLeader of the seasName of Celtic origin
33.MatholwchBear princeKing in Irish mythology
34.MaelorPrince of the plainFigure in Welsh mythology
35.MeicalWho is like God?Name in Welsh mythology
36.MenwWish, desireFigure in Welsh mythology
37.MoiraiFatesGoddesses in Greek mythology
38.MordrainSea counselFigure in Arthurian legend
39.MorfranGreat crowFigure in Welsh mythology
40.MorganorSea songName in Arthurian legend
41.MorienChild of the seaKnight in Arthurian legend
42.MorriguGreat queenAlternate form of Morrigan
43.MuireannSea white, sea fairFigure in Irish mythology
44.MulloMuleDeity in Gaulish mythology
45.MyrdinSea fortressAlternate form of Merlin
46.MyrghalBright seaName of Celtic origin
47.MyrrdinSea fortressAlternate form of Merlin
48.MyrthJoy, mirthName of Celtic origin
49.MaelwysPrince of gloryFigure in Welsh mythology
50.MaonSilentFigure in Irish mythology
Celtic Names Starting With “M”

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