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Celtic Names Starting With “N”

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In the enchanting world of Celtic names, each letter holds a unique charm and significance. In this exploration of Celtic names beginning with the letter “N,” we unveil a tapestry of timeless and mystical appellations that are sure to captivate your heart and imagination. Whether you’re seeking a name for your baby, a character in a story, or simply wish to delve into the rich heritage of Celtic nomenclature, join us on a journey through the captivating world of Celtic N-names.

1.NuadaCloud makerKing of the Tuatha Dé Danann
2.NiamhBrightPrincess in Irish mythology
3.NodensCatcher, hunterGod of healing, the sea, hunting, and dogs
4.NechtanPure, clearFigure in Irish mythology
5.NemainVenomousGoddess of war and frenzy
6.NantosueltaWinding riverGoddess of nature, the earth, fire, and fertility
7.NathairSnakeSymbol in Celtic mythology
8.NaoiseWarriorHero in Irish mythology
9.NisosIslandFigure in Greek mythology
10.NenniusUnknownLegendary British historian
11.NwyfreSky, life forceConcept in Welsh mythology
12.NiaBrightName in Welsh mythology
13.NimueMemoryLady of the Lake in Arthurian legend
14.NinianeLady of the LakeAlternate name for Nimue
15.NualaFair shoulderName in Irish mythology
16.NyneveLady of the LakeAnother form of Nimue
17.NemedSacredLeader of the Nemedians in Irish mythology
18.NetWar, strifeGod of war in Irish mythology
19.NessPure, chasteMother of Conchobar in Irish mythology
20.NuadhaCloud makerAlternate spelling of Nuada
21.NualaFair shoulderFigure in Irish folklore
22.NuddMist, fogWelsh form of Nuada
23.NuallanChampionFigure in Irish mythology
24.NynniawUnknownFigure in Welsh mythology
25.NaoimhinHoly, saintlyName in Irish mythology
26.NaisiChoice, excellentAlternate spelling of Naoise
27.NaomhanSaint, holyName in Irish mythology
28.NarMortalFigure in Norse mythology
29.NascBond, linkName in Irish mythology
30.NathrachSnake, serpentName in Irish mythology
31.NeasaExcellentAlternate form of Ness
32.NechtainPure, clearAlternate form of Nechtan
33.NemglanSky hawkKing in Irish mythology
34.NenniDaringFigure in Welsh mythology
35.Niamh of the Golden HairBrightPrincess in Irish mythology
36.NinnidhSaintName in Irish mythology
37.NithStrifeFigure in Norse mythology
38.NixWater spriteMythological creature
39.NoisiBeautyAlternate form of Naoise
40.NolwennHoly oneBreton name
41.NuddCloud makerWelsh form of Nuada
42.Nuada AirgetlamNuada of the Silver HandKing of the Tuatha Dé Danann
43.NualaWhite shouldersName in Irish mythology
44.NuddFog, mistWelsh form of Nuada
45.NwythonUnknownFigure in Welsh mythology
46.NyfainUnknownName in Welsh mythology
47.NyvedSanctuaryName in Welsh mythology
48.NynniachUnknownFigure in Welsh mythology
49.NyvanLittle saintName in Welsh mythology
50.NyvianLittle saintName in Welsh mythology
Celtic Names Starting With “N”

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