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Celtic Names Starting With “O”

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Discover the rich and enchanting world of Celtic names beginning with the letter “O.” In this article, we delve into the history, meanings, and cultural significance of these names, offering a glimpse into the timeless tradition of Celtic nomenclature.

1.OisinLittle deerLegendary Irish poet and warrior
2.OgmaSun-facedGod of eloquence and learning
3.OlwenWhite footprintHeroine in Welsh mythology
4.OengusTrue vigorGod of love, youth, and poetic inspiration
5.OwainYoung warriorHero in Arthurian legend
6.OrlaGolden princessFigure in Irish mythology
7.OghamAncient scriptAlphabet system in early Ireland and Britain
8.OrnaPale, sallowFigure in Irish mythology
9.OrlaithGolden rulerName in Irish mythology
10.OisínLittle deerAlternate spelling of Oisin
11.OnnAsh treeSymbol in Celtic mythology
12.OrlaGoldenName in Irish mythology
13.OweinWell-born, nobleWelsh form of Owain
14.OdhránLittle pale green oneName in Irish mythology
15.OdrasUnknownFigure in Irish mythology
16.Oisín na nÓgOisin of the YouthEpithet of Oisin in Irish mythology
17.Ollamh FodhlaGreat prophetMythical Irish king
18.OonaghLambQueen of the fairies in Irish folklore
19.OrlanthUnknownDeity in Celtic mythology
20.OrmondBear mountainName in Irish mythology
21.OssianLittle deerAlternate spelling of Oisin
22.OwynnYoung warriorAlternate form of Owain
23.OifaUnknownFigure in Irish mythology
24.OlwynWhite footprintAlternate spelling of Olwen
25.OrlanthiPeople of OrlanthFollowers of the deity Orlanth
26.OsmailDivine smileName in Irish mythology
27.OssianicRelated to OssianPertaining to Ossian
28.OtharOtterFigure in Irish mythology
29.OthilaInherited estateSymbol in Norse mythology
30.OvateDruid seerTitle in Celtic druidry
31.Owain GlyndŵrOwain of the valley of DeeHero in Welsh history
32.Owein ap UrienOwain son of UrienFigure in Arthurian legend
33.OwenaWell-born, nobleFeminine form of Owain
34.OwynYoung warriorAlternate form of Owain
35.Oidheadh Clainne LirTragic death of Lir’s childrenIrish mythological tale
36.Oisin in Tir na nOgOisin in the Land of YouthLegend in Irish mythology
37.Olc AchaBad fieldName in Irish mythology
38.Olc AedaEvil fireFigure in Irish mythology
39.Olwen of the White TrackWhite trackEpithet of Olwen
40.OmaGreat, grandName in Irish mythology
41.OnnaAsh treeSymbol in Celtic mythology
42.OnogorUnknownFigure in Celtic mythology
43.OnuavaUnknownDeity in Celtic mythology
44.OranPale, greenName in Irish mythology
45.OrbsenGreat springFigure in Irish mythology
46.OrcanLittle pigFigure in Irish mythology
47.OrdovicesThose who hammer with hammersAncient Celtic tribe
48.OrevGoldenName in Irish mythology
49.Orlaith of ConnachtGolden ruler of ConnachtFigure in Irish mythology
50.OrnatPale, sallowAlternate form of Orna
Celtic Names Starting With “O”

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