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Celtic Names Starting With “S”

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In the rich tapestry of Celtic culture, names hold a special significance, often rooted in ancient traditions and mythology. In this article, we explore a captivating collection of Celtic names that begin with the letter “S,” each carrying its own unique history and charm.

1.ScáthachShadowyWarrior woman in Irish mythology
2.SulisEye, gapGoddess associated with healing waters
3.SadbSweet, goodlyFigure in Irish mythology
4.SearbhánBitterFigure in Irish folklore
5.SíleBlindIrish form of Cecilia
6.SionannUnknownGoddess associated with the River Shannon
7.SomhairleSummer wandererScottish and Irish name
8.SiobhánGod is graciousIrish form of Joan or Jane
9.SeamusSupplanterIrish form of James
10.SeanGod is graciousIrish form of John
11.SetantaPath or journeyChildhood name of hero Cú Chulainn
12.SinéadGod is graciousIrish form of Jane or Jean
13.SéafraPeaceful rulerIrish form of Geoffrey
14.SenachOld, ancientFigure in Irish mythology
15.SibealProphetessIrish form of Isabel
16.SiodaSilkFigure in Irish folklore
17.SláineHealthName in Irish mythology
18.SorchaBright, radiantName in Irish mythology
19.SaoirseFreedom, libertyModern Irish name
20.SuibhneWell-goingName associated with madness in folklore
21.SiobhanGod is graciousIrish form of Joan or Jane
22.SiveSweetVariant of Sadb
23.SenanOld, ancientIrish saint
24.SiofraElf, spriteName in Irish folklore
25.StiofánCrownIrish form of Stephen
26.SeosamhHe will addIrish form of Joseph
27.SearlasManlyIrish form of Charles
28.SaorlaNoble princessName in Irish mythology
29.SibealProphetessIrish form of Isabel
30.SeanánLittle old wise oneDiminutive of Sean
31.SéamusSupplanterIrish form of James
32.SuileabhánOne-eyedName in Irish mythology
33.SadhbhSweet, goodlyVariant of Sadb
34.SláineHealth, good healthIrish name
35.SíthmaithPeaceful goodName in Irish mythology
36.SiúnGod is graciousIrish form of Joan
37.SéanGod is graciousIrish form of John
38.SiodhachanPeacefulName in Irish mythology
39.SiomónHe has heardIrish form of Simon
40.SeosaimhínHe will addIrish form of Josephine
41.SiurtánLittle rulerName in Irish mythology
42.SolamhPeacefulIrish form of Solomon
43.SearcLove, affectionName in Irish mythology
44.SéarlaitFree manIrish form of Charlotte
45.SíomhaGood peaceName in Irish mythology
46.SinannUnknownVariant of Sionann
47.SiodhnaSilkVariant of Sioda
48.SiubhanGod is graciousIrish form of Joan
49.StiabhnaCrownIrish form of Stephen
50.SúanachRestful, sleepyName in Irish mythology
Celtic Names Starting With “S”

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