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Celtic Names Starting With “T”

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Welcome to our enchanting exploration of Celtic names that begin with the letter “T.” The rich tapestry of Celtic culture and history has bestowed upon us a treasure trove of names, each brimming with deep-rooted meanings and fascinating stories. In this article, we’ll delve into the mystical world of Celtic nomenclature, unveiling the significance and charm behind names that capture the essence of the Celtic spirit, all starting with the captivating letter “T.”

1.TaliesinRadiant browLegendary Welsh bard
2.TaranisThundererGod of thunder in Gaulish mythology
3.TeirtuHarpFigure in Welsh mythology
4.TegidBeautifulFigure in Welsh mythology
5.TrystanNoise or sorrowfulHero in Cornish and Welsh legend
6.TegauFair, beautifulFigure in Arthurian legend
7.TlachtgaEarth spearFigure in Irish mythology
8.Tuatha Dé DanannTribe of the godsA race of god-like beings in Irish mythology
9.TuirbeTowerFigure in Irish mythology
10.Tegid FoelBald TegidFigure in Welsh mythology
11.TegyrFair, beautifulFigure in Welsh mythology
12.TethraPloughFigure in Irish mythology
13.TlachtaEarth or groundFigure in Irish mythology
14.TiernanLordName in Irish mythology
15.TorcBoarFigure in Irish and Welsh mythology
16.TaranThunderGod in Welsh mythology
17.Tegau EurfronTegau of the Golden BreastHeroine in Welsh mythology
18.TeyrnonGreat lordFigure in Welsh mythology
19.TalorcSon of the boarName in Scottish mythology
20.TadgPoetName in Irish mythology
21.TreforLarge settlementName in Welsh mythology
22.TuriacusToweringFigure in Lusitanian mythology
23.TegernacusBeautiful lordFigure in Gaulish mythology
24.TegernomoGreat lordFigure in Gaulish mythology
25.TegernusBeautifulFigure in Welsh mythology
26.TeirnonGreat lordFigure in Welsh mythology
27.TenenanFire or ardorName in Breton mythology
28.TerenusTender, softName in Celtic mythology
29.TethysNurse, grandmotherGoddess in Greek mythology
30.TeutatesThe people’s godDeity in Gaulish mythology
31.TeyrnonSovereign, lordFigure in Welsh mythology
32.ThaliaFlourishingMuse in Greek mythology
33.ThanatosDeathPersonification of death in Greek mythology
34.TheiaGoddess, divineTitaness in Greek mythology
35.ThemisLaw, customTitaness in Greek mythology
36.ThetisCreationSea nymph in Greek mythology
37.ThorThunderGod in Norse mythology
38.TiresiasHe who delights in signsProphet in Greek mythology
39.Tir na nOgLand of the youngOtherworldly realm in Irish mythology
40.TlalocHe who makes things sproutGod in Aztec mythology
41.TogodumnusDark lordDeity in British mythology
42.TomrisIronFigure in Scythian mythology
43.TonansThundererGod in ancient British mythology
44.TornesThundererGod in ancient Lusitanian mythology
45.TorrianusLike a thunderFigure in Celtic mythology
46.ToutatisOf the tribeGod in ancient Celtic mythology
47.TrebarunaHome rulerGoddess in Lusitanian mythology
48.TrefuilngidTriple bearerFigure in Irish mythology
49.TrevrizentTriple knowledgeFigure in Arthurian legend
50.TrosFounderFounder of Troy in Greek mythology
Celtic Names Starting With “T”

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