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Celtic Names Starting With “U”

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In the rich tapestry of Celtic culture and heritage, names hold a special significance, often echoing the mystical and ancient roots of this civilization. In this exploration, we delve into Celtic names starting with the letter “U,” uncovering their meanings, histories, and the enduring allure they bring to modern life.

1.UisnechUnknownSite in Irish mythology, center of Ireland
2.UtherTerribleUther Pendragon, father of King Arthur
3.UrienPrivileged birthKing in Welsh mythology and Arthurian legend
4.UisdeanIntelligent or wiseScottish Gaelic name
5.UltanUlstermanSaint in Irish Christianity
6.UilliamResolute protectorIrish form of William
7.UisdeanIntelligent or wiseScottish Gaelic name
8.UisteanIntelligent or wiseScottish Gaelic name
9.UnyUnknownSaint in Cornish Christianity
10.UrsulaLittle female bearName adopted in Celtic regions
11.UaltarStrong fighterIrish form of Walter
12.UilliamResolute protectorIrish form of William
13.UaineGreenName in Irish mythology
14.UlickWill, desireIrish form of Ulrich
15.UltachUlstermanName in Irish mythology
16.UilleagWill, desireIrish form of William
17.Uilliam ÓgYoung WilliamIrish form of Young William
18.UinseannConqueringIrish form of Vincent
19.UirílEternal rulerIrish form of Uriel
20.UistínJust, righteousIrish form of Justin
21.UalanLittle AlanScottish Gaelic form of Alan
22.UarraigProud, nobleName in Irish mythology
23.UilleamResolute protectorScottish Gaelic form of William
24.UisneachPlace of birthSite in Irish mythology
25.UisteanIntelligent or wiseScottish Gaelic name
26.UltánUlstermanSaint in Irish Christianity
27.UilliamResolute protectorIrish form of William
28.UisdeanIntelligent or wiseScottish Gaelic name
29.UisteanIntelligent or wiseScottish Gaelic name
30.UnyUnknownSaint in Cornish Christianity
31.UrsulaLittle female bearName adopted in Celtic regions
32.UaltarStrong fighterIrish form of Walter
33.UilliamResolute protectorIrish form of William
34.UaineGreenName in Irish mythology
35.UlickWill, desireIrish form of Ulrich
36.UltachUlstermanName in Irish mythology
37.UilleagWill, desireIrish form of William
38.Uilliam ÓgYoung WilliamIrish form of Young William
39.UinseannConqueringIrish form of Vincent
40.UirílEternal rulerIrish form of Uriel
41.UistínJust, righteousIrish form of Justin
42.UalanLittle AlanScottish Gaelic form of Alan
43.UarraigProud, nobleName in Irish mythology
44.UilleamResolute protectorScottish Gaelic form of William
45.UisneachPlace of birthSite in Irish mythology
46.UisteanIntelligent or wiseScottish Gaelic name
47.UltánUlstermanSaint in Irish Christianity
48.UilliamResolute protectorIrish form of William
49.UisdeanIntelligent or wiseScottish Gaelic name
50.UisteanIntelligent or wiseScottish Gaelic name
Celtic Names Starting With “U”

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