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Celtic Names Starting With “W”

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In the enchanting world of Celtic names, each letter carries a unique charm and significance. In this article, we embark on a journey through the captivating realm of Celtic names, focusing specifically on those that begin with the letter “W.” Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a baby name, curious about the rich heritage of Celtic nomenclature, or simply enamored by the lyrical beauty of these appellations, you’ll find a treasure trove of names and their meanings in the following pages.

1.WeylandSkillfulSmith in Germanic and Norse mythology
2.WinifredBlessed peacemakingSaint in Welsh Christianity
3.WayneWagon makerName of Old English origin
4.WynnJoy, blissOld English rune with positive connotations
5.WilfredDesires peaceName of Anglo-Saxon origin
6.WynneFair, pureName of Welsh origin
7.WallaceForeigner, strangerName of Scottish origin
8.WalterRuler of the armyName of Old Germanic origin
9.WaldaRulerName of Old Germanic origin
10.WarrenPark-keeperName of Old Norman origin
11.WeldonHill near a springAnglo-Saxon in origin
12.WendellWandererName of Old Germanic origin
13.WesleyWestern meadowName of Old English origin
14.WilbertBright willName of Old Germanic origin
15.WilburBright will, fortressName of Old English origin
16.WilderUntamedName of English origin
17.WilfredDesiring peaceName of Old English origin
18.WilkieWill helmetDiminutive of William
19.WillardResolute guardianName of Old English origin
20.WilliamResolute protectorName of Old Germanic origin
21.WillisResolute protectorDiminutive of William
22.WilmerFamous desireName of Old Germanic origin
23.WilsonSon of WillName of Old English origin
24.WindsorRiverbank with a winchName of Old English origin
25.WinthropFriend’s villageName of Old English origin
26.WintonPasture townName of Old English origin
27.WolfWolfName of Old Germanic origin
28.WolfgangPath of the wolfName of Old Germanic origin
29.WoodrowRow of houses by a woodName of Old English origin
30.WoodwardForesterName of Old English origin
31.WulfricWolf powerName of Old English origin
32.WulfstanWolf stoneName of Old English origin
33.WyattBrave in warName of Old English origin
34.WybertBattle brightName of Old Germanic origin
35.WymondBattle protectorName of Old Germanic origin
36.WyndhamVillage near a pathName of Old English origin
37.WynfordWhite fordName of Old English origin
38.WynneFair, pureName of Welsh origin
39.WyntonPasture townName of Old English origin
40.WystanBattle stoneName of Old English origin
41.WythnosWeekWelsh word meaning week
42.WyvernTwo-legged dragonMythological creature
43.WoganHollowName of Welsh origin
44.WolcottCottage in a woodName of Old English origin
45.WolfeWolfName of Old Germanic origin
46.WolframWolf ravenName of Old Germanic origin
47.WulfgarWolf spearName of Old English origin
48.WulfhereWolf armyName of Old English origin
49.WulfrunWolf secretName of Old English origin
50.WymanWar protectorName of Old English origin
Celtic Names Starting With “W”

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