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Celtic Names Starting with “A”

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In the enchanting world of Celtic names, each letter carries its own unique charm and meaning. In this article, we embark on a journey through the captivating Celtic names that begin with the letter A. From timeless classics to lesser-known gems, you’ll discover a wealth of intriguing names rooted in Celtic culture, each with a story to tell.

1.AedFireGod of fire and the underworld
2.AengusTrue strengthGod of love and youth
3.AeronBattleGoddess of war
4.AgronaCarnage, slaughterGoddess of war and death
5.AifeBeautyWarrior woman
6.AilillElfKing of Connacht
7.AineRadiance, brillianceGoddess of summer and wealth
8.AirmedHealing, herbalismGoddess of healing and herbs
9.AlatorHe who nourishesGod of war and hunting
10.AlawnHarmonyGod of poetry and music
11.AlisanosUnknownGaulish deity
12.AmbisagrusUnknownWeather god
13.AmerginPoetic inspirationBard and judge
14.AnannWealthGoddess of prosperity
15.AndartaGreat strengthWarrior goddess
16.AndrasteInvincibleGoddess of victory
17.AnextiomarusGreat protectorSun god
18.AngusUnique strengthGod of love, youth, and beauty
19.AnuWealth, abundanceMother goddess
20.ArawnKing of the OtherworldGod of the dead and the underworld
21.ArduinnaHeightGoddess of the forest
22.ArenUnknownGod of slaughter
23.ArtioBearBear goddess
24.AvetaUnknownGoddess of fertility
25.AmaethonPlowmanGod of agriculture
26.AbartaPerformer of featsGod associated with the Tuatha Dé Danann
27.AdsullataUnknownWater goddess
28.AedhFireGod of the underworld
29.AertenFate, destinyGoddess of fate
30.AesunUnknownHealing god
31.AgronUnknownGod of war
32.AhesHorseEpona’s companion
33.AibellBeautyFairy queen
34.AimendSunbeamSun goddess
35.Aine of KnockaineRadiance, brillianceFairy queen
36.AirmedHealing, herbalismHealer of the Tuatha Dé Danann
37.AlaunusBrightSun god
38.AlbiorixKing of the worldGod of war and sovereignty
39.AlisanosUnknownLocal deity
40.AmbicatusKing of the BiturigesAncestral hero
41.AncamnaUnknownRiver goddess
42.AndeisUnknownGod associated with the underworld
43.AndomiusUnknownGod of oxen or carts
45.AngitiaSerpentSnake goddess
46.AnounnUnknownGoddess associated with death
47.AntumnosThe other worldGod of the afterlife
48.AranrhodSilver wheelGoddess of the moon
49.ArecuriusUnknownWar god
Celtic Names Starting with “A”

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