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Celtic Names Starting With “E”

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In the enchanting world of Celtic names, each letter carries its own unique charm and significance. In this article, we delve into the captivating realm of Celtic names beginning with the letter “E,” uncovering their rich history, cultural ties, and the timeless beauty they bring to those who bear them.

1.EadonPoetic inspirationGoddess of poetry and knowledge
2.EfnisienTroublesomeHero in Welsh mythology
3.EireLand of abundancePersonification of Ireland
4.ElenNymph or stagGoddess associated with roads and travel
5.ElathaArt or craftGod of the moon, beauty, and light
6.EmerSwiftWife of Cuchulainn
7.EochaidHorse riderSeveral characters in Irish mythology
8.EponaHorseGoddess of horses and fertility
9.ErnmasUnknownMother goddess
10.EsusLord or masterGod of will and strength
11.EthniuKernelMother of Lugh
12.EtunUnknownGoddess or mythological figure
13.EurytionBroadMythological figure
14.EvnissyenUnknownBrother of Nisien in Welsh mythology
15.EfnysienMalicious, destructiveHero in Welsh mythology
16.ElffinGood, brightMythological figure
17.EmrysImmortalAnother name for Merlin
18.EochoHorseKing or warrior in Irish mythology
19.EoghanBorn of the yewHero or king in Irish mythology
20.ErcRedSeveral figures in Irish mythology
21.EremonSolitary, lonelyHigh king in Irish mythology
22.EriuLand, soilGoddess of Ireland
23.EsaBarren, sterileFigure in Scottish mythology
24.EtarcomolUnknownWarrior in Irish mythology
25.Ethal AnbuailDescendant of the stormFigure in Irish mythology
26.EthlinnOld, wiseMother of Lugh
27.EuaLife, livingGoddess or mythological figure
28.EvnigNightMythological figure
29.EithneKernel or grainSeveral figures in Irish mythology
30.Eber FinnFair or whiteAncestor figure in Irish mythology
31.EcneKnowledge, wisdomGod of poetry and eloquence
32.EdainJealousy, passionGoddess or heroine in Irish mythology
33.EogabalSmithing, forgingSmith god or spirit
34.EolasKnowledge, learningDeity or spirit of knowledge
35.EriPoetic, inspiredGoddess or spirit of inspiration
36.EthalNoble, high-bornKing or noble in Irish mythology
37.EtarlámInvoker, summonerFigure in Irish mythology
38.EterscélGreat passion, fervorKing in Irish mythology
39.EtainJealousy, passionHeroine in Irish mythology
40.EuryalusBroad rushingMythological figure
41.EachtachHorse-likeWarrior or spirit in mythology
42.EadhaAspen treeTree deity or spirit
43.EaladhaArt, skillGod of craftsmanship
44.EanachMarshDeity or spirit of wetlands
45.EasalUnknownMythological king
46.EbliuUnknownMythological figure
47.EcnePoetry, wisdomOne of the Tuatha Dé Danann
48.EdanFire, flameDeity or spirit of fire
49.EdernLegendaryKnight in Arthurian legend
50.EfnisVigorous, aggressiveWarrior or spirit in mythology
Celtic Names Starting With “E”

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