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Anubis vs Khnum: Clash of Egyptian Deities

Published by Zain ul Abideen

In this exploration, we compare two intriguing figures from Egyptian mythology: Anubis, the god of mummification and the afterlife, and Khnum, the god of the Nile and creation. Their unique attributes and mythological roles make for a captivating comparison.

Comparative Table

DomainGod of Mummification and AfterlifeGod of the Nile, Creation, and Fertility
SymbolJackal, Canine-like figureRam-Headed Figure
Powers– Guiding souls to the afterlife– Creation of human children from clay
– Mummification skills– Control over the Nile’s inundation
– Protector of graves– Healing abilities
FamilySon of Osiris and Nephthys
Mythological Tales– Weighing of the heart ceremony in the afterlife– Fashioning mankind on a potter’s wheel
Anubis vs Khnum

Who Would Win in a Fight?

In a hypothetical battle between Anubis and Khnum, we must consider their respective domains and powers:

  • Anubis is predominantly associated with the afterlife and the processes surrounding death. His abilities are centered around guiding souls, mummification, and protection of the dead. He possesses a deep understanding of the metaphysical realm.
  • Khnum, as a god of creation, particularly of human life, wields the power of creation and vitality. His control over the Nile’s waters also suggests a command over life-giving forces and nature. Additionally, his healing abilities indicate a resilience that could be advantageous in battle.

Verdict: Khnum Would Likely Win

Khnum’s role as a creator and his control over essential life forces like the Nile give him a significant edge. In a direct confrontation, Khnum’s creative and life-giving powers could potentially counteract Anubis’s more death-oriented abilities. While Anubis holds sway in the afterlife, Khnum’s dominion over life and nature would likely give him the upper hand in a physical battle.



  • Influence in Mythology: 9/10
  • Cultural Impact: 8/10
  • Power in Mythical Battles: 7/10


  • Influence in Mythology: 7/10
  • Cultural Impact: 6/10
  • Power in Mythical Battles: 8/10

This comparison between Anubis and Khnum showcases the diverse and intricate nature of Egyptian mythology. Both gods have their unique strengths and areas of influence. While Anubis is a pivotal figure in the journey after death, Khnum’s control over the very essence of life and creation gives him a notable advantage in a mythological showdown.

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