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Osiris vs Anubis: Gods of the Egyptian Underworld

Published by Zain ul Abideen

When exploring the mystic realms of Egyptian mythology, the comparison between Osiris and Anubis offers a fascinating insight into the beliefs surrounding death, the afterlife, and the journey of the soul. Let’s delve into their mythological backgrounds, powers, and ultimately, who would triumph in a mythical confrontation.

Comparison Table

DomainGod of the afterlife, resurrection, fertilityGod of mummification, the afterlife, and guide to the dead
SymbolismGreen-skinned man, Atef crown, crook and flailMan with a jackal head, embalmer’s tools
PowersResurrection, control over vegetation and fertility, ruler of the deadProtection of graves, guiding souls, embalming, and mummification
MythologyCentral figure in the Osiris myth; killed and resurrected, judge of the deadSon of Osiris, conducts the weighing of the heart, protector of graves
LegacyRevered as a benevolent and just ruler, symbol of life after deathRespected as the protector of the dead and the embalming process
Osiris vs Anubis

Who Would Win in a Battle?


As the god of resurrection and the afterlife, Osiris holds significant power over life and death. His role as a judge of the dead grants him deep wisdom and understanding of the soul. In a confrontation, his powers would be more defensive, focusing on resilience and possibly using his control over life forces.


Anubis, in contrast, is the guardian of the dead. He is associated with mummification and the protection of graves. Anubis is not traditionally a combat deity but possesses specific skills in guiding and protecting souls, and possibly using his knowledge of the afterlife to his advantage.

The Outcome

In a theoretical battle, Osiris, with his broader domain over life and death, would likely have the upper hand. His role as a ruler of the dead and a symbol of resurrection gives him a form of immortality that would be difficult for Anubis to overcome. Anubis, while powerful in his realm, is more of a guide and protector than a warrior.



  1. Wisdom and Judgment: 9/10
  2. Combat Skills: 6/10
  3. Influence in the Afterlife: 9/10


  1. Protector of the Dead: 8/10
  2. Combat Skills: 5/10
  3. Cultural Impact: 7/10

In summary, the comparison between Osiris and Anubis sheds light on the Egyptian understanding of death and the afterlife. While Osiris would likely prevail in a battle due to his broader powers and role as a judge and king of the dead, both deities play crucial roles in the journey of the soul in ancient Egyptian mythology.

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