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Osiris vs Bastet: A Divine Encounter in Egyptian Mythology

Published by Zain ul Abideen

The comparison between Osiris, the god of the afterlife, and Bastet, the goddess of home, fertility, and cats, presents a unique blend of Egyptian mythological themes. Let’s explore their attributes, powers, and speculate who might emerge victorious in a mythical showdown.

Comparison Table

DomainGod of the afterlife, resurrection, fertilityGoddess of home, fertility, childbirth, and cats
SymbolismGreen-skinned man, Atef crown, crook and flailLioness or a woman with the head of a lioness or cat
PowersResurrection, control over vegetation and fertility, ruler of the deadProtection of home and family, fertility, guardian against evil spirits and disease
MythologyCentral figure in the Osiris myth; killed and resurrected, judge of the deadProtector of the home and family, sometimes depicted as a fierce lioness
LegacyRevered as a benevolent ruler and symbol of life after deathWidely worshipped, symbolizing protection, pleasure, and the finer things in life
Osiris vs Bastet

Who Would Win in a Battle?


Osiris, with his dominion over the afterlife and resurrection, commands significant power in both the spiritual and physical realms. His abilities revolve around resurrection and control over the forces of life and fertility. In a confrontation, he could potentially harness these powers to regenerate and sustain himself.


Bastet, as the goddess of home, fertility, and protector against evil spirits, wields a more subtle form of power. Her strengths lie in protection and guardianship, particularly in domestic and family settings. While often depicted as gentle, she can also assume the form of a fierce lioness, symbolizing her capacity for ferocity when needed.

The Outcome

In a theoretical battle, Osiris’s control over life and resurrection might give him a significant advantage in terms of endurance and power. However, Bastet’s role as a protector and her potential ferocity as a lioness would make her a formidable opponent, especially in a scenario where protection and defense are key. If the battle leans towards physical combat, Osiris’s powers might prevail, but in a scenario requiring guardianship and agility, Bastet could hold her own.



  1. Spiritual Influence: 9/10
  2. Combat Skills: 6/10
  3. Cultural Impact: 8/10


  1. Protection and Guardianship: 8/10
  2. Combat Skills: 7/10
  3. Cultural Significance: 8/10

In summary, the duel between Osiris and Bastet highlights the diverse nature of Egyptian deities, where gods and goddesses embody a range of aspects from the spiritual realm to the protective and nurturing qualities of home and family. Their mythical confrontation would be a blend of Osiris’s spiritual and life-based powers against Bastet’s protective instincts and potential ferocity.

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