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Set vs Anubis: A Mythological Duel of Chaos and Mummification

Published by Zain ul Abideen

In the realm of Egyptian mythology, Set and Anubis are two deities with vastly different domains and characteristics. Set, the god of chaos, storms, and war, contrasts starkly with Anubis, the god of mummification and the afterlife. This comparison aims to explore their attributes, roles in myths, and who might emerge victorious in a mythical duel.

Comparative Table

DomainChaos, Storms, Desert, WarMummification, Afterlife, Embalming
SymbolsSet animal (unidentifiable mythical creature), Was scepterJackal, Flail, Mummy wrappings
PowersStrength in battle, Control of stormsProtection of graves, Guide of souls
ParentsGeb and NutNephthys and Osiris (in most accounts)
SiblingsOsiris, Isis, Nephthys— (Varies by myth)
Key MythsBattle with Horus, Killing of OsirisEmbalming Osiris, Guiding souls to afterlife
Cult CentersOmbos, AvarisCynopolis, Asyut
Set vs Anubis

Powers and Mythological Stories


Set, often represented as a creature with an unidentifiable head, is known for his tumultuous nature. He is associated with chaos, deserts, and storms, and is infamous for murdering his brother Osiris and battling with Horus. Set’s powers lie in his strength in battle and control over storms and chaos.


Anubis is typically depicted as a man with a jackal’s head or as a jackal. His domain is mummification and the afterlife. He is revered for his role in embalming Osiris and as a guide for souls to the afterlife. Anubis’s powers include protection of graves and a deep understanding of the mysteries of death.

Hypothetical Duel Outcome

In a mythical battle between Set and Anubis, predicting the victor involves considering their distinct abilities and domains. Set, as a god of war and chaos, has formidable strength in combat and a fierce temperament. His control over storms and his prowess in battle make him a daunting opponent.

Anubis, while powerful in his realm, is more associated with the rites of death and the protection of the dead rather than combat. His strengths lie in wisdom regarding the afterlife and in overseeing the mummification process.

Given this, Set would likely have the upper hand in a direct confrontation, given his association with war and strength. Anubis, despite his significant role in Egyptian mythology, is not depicted as a deity of war and might find it challenging to overpower Set in a battle.



  • Combat Skills: 9/10
  • Influence in Myths: 8/10
  • Power Over Chaos: 9/10


  • Protection of the Dead: 9/10
  • Mummification Skills: 10/10
  • Guidance of Souls: 8/10

In conclusion, the comparison between Set and Anubis offers a glimpse into the diverse nature of Egyptian deities. Set, representing chaos and war, contrasts with Anubis, the protector and guide of the dead. In a hypothetical duel, Set’s martial abilities and control over chaos would likely give him the advantage, highlighting his role as a powerful and tumultuous deity in Egyptian mythology.

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