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Egyptian Name Starting with “M”

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In the rich tapestry of Egyptian culture, names hold a special significance, often reflecting the country’s deep-rooted history and traditions. In this article, we’ll delve into a fascinating collection of Egyptian names that all share a common starting point – the letter “M.” From timeless classics to more contemporary choices, these names offer a glimpse into the diversity and beauty of Egyptian nomenclature.

1Maat“Truth” or “order”Goddess of truth, justice, and cosmic order
2Menhit“She who massacres”Lioness goddess of war
3Meretseger“She who loves silence”Goddess of the pyramid-shaped mountain
4Montu“Nomad” or “warrior”God of war and the sun
5Min“The minimal one”God of fertility and sexuality
6Mafdet“She who runs”Goddess of justice and execution
7Mekhit“The opener”Lioness goddess associated with Ra
8Mehet-Weret“Great flood”Celestial cow goddess of fertility and motherhood
9Mihos“The great cat”Lion-headed god of strength and war
10Mer“The beloved”Personification of love and friendship
11MestjetUnknown meaningLioness goddess associated with the pharaoh
12MnevisUnknown meaningSacred bull deity, similar to Apis
13Mut“Mother”Goddess of motherhood and queenship
14Maftet“The swift”Goddess of justice and punishment
15Merseger“She who loves silence”Goddess of the pyramid-shaped mountain
Egyptian Name Starting with “M”

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