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Egyptian Names Starting With “E”

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Egyptian names have a rich and ancient history, reflecting the culture, mythology, and traditions of this fascinating civilization. In this article, we will explore a collection of Egyptian names that start with the letter “E,” each carrying its unique significance and beauty.

1EileithyiaUnknown meaningGoddess of childbirth and midwifery
2EsnaCity known for its temple dedicated to Khnum
3Eset“Throne” or “Isis”Goddess of magic, motherhood, and healing
4Emhotep“He who comes in peace”Deified sage, god of medicine, and healing
5EreshkigalUnknown meaningGoddess of the underworld (Mesopotamian origin)
6Ernutet“The great one”Goddess of fertility, agriculture, and harvest
7Eshem“Fire” or “flame”Goddess associated with fire
Egyptian Names Starting With “E”

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