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Athena vs Eris: The Confrontation of Wisdom and Discord

Published by Zain ul Abideen

In the realm of Greek mythology, Athena and Eris are two figures who embody vastly different principles. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts, is known for her strategic acumen and skill in battle. Eris, the goddess of strife and discord, represents chaos and conflict. This article provides an in-depth comparison of these two mythological entities and explores what might happen in a hypothetical clash between them.

Comparison Table

DomainWisdom, War, CraftsStrife, Discord
SymbolsOwl, Olive Tree, Armor, SpearGolden Apple, Sword
ParentageDaughter of Zeus and MetisDaughter of Nyx (Night), in some accounts Zeus
PowersMilitary Strategy, Wisdom, WeavingInciting Conflict, Chaos Creation
Key MythsBirth from Zeus’s Head, Athens PatronageStarting the Trojan War with the Apple of Discord
Cultural InfluencePatron of Athens, Inspiration for PhilosophySymbol of Unrest and Competition
Athena vs Eris

Who Would Win in a Fight: Athena or Eris?

In a hypothetical battle, Athena would likely emerge as the victor. Her expertise in strategy and combat, honed through her role as the goddess of wisdom and warfare, gives her a significant edge. Athena’s strategic mind and combat skills would enable her to anticipate and counteract Eris’s tactics of creating chaos and strife. While Eris can incite conflict and bring about discord, Athena’s disciplined and wise nature would likely make her resilient to such tactics. Therefore, Athena’s combination of wisdom, martial skills, and strategic thinking would probably lead her to victory over Eris.



  • Wisdom and Strategy: 10/10
  • Combat Skills: 9/10
  • Cultural Influence: 8/10


  • Ability to Incite Conflict: 9/10
  • Influence on Human Affairs: 7/10
  • Cultural Influence: 6/10


Athena and Eris present a fascinating contrast in Greek mythology, embodying the forces of wisdom and chaos, respectively. While Athena is renowned for her intellect and prowess in battle, Eris is known for her ability to sow discord and strife. In a battle scenario, Athena’s superior strategic and combat abilities would likely give her the upper hand over Eris, underlining the diverse and powerful nature of these mythological figures.

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