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Greek Names Starting With “F”

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Embark on a journey into Greek and Roman names beginning with ‘F’. While the list includes mythological figures like Faunus and Fortuna, it also delves into ancient Roman names that offer insights into the cultural heritage of the time. Discover the meanings and associations behind these names that have left an enduring mark on history.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting With “F”

1Fabricius“Craftsman”MaleA Roman name with no direct Greek mythological association
2Faunus“Favorable” or “kind”MaleRoman god of the forest and countryside, similar to Pan in Greek mythology
3Felicitas“Good fortune”FemaleRoman goddess of good luck and success, not directly from Greek mythology
4Fortuna“Fortune”FemaleRoman goddess of luck and fate, similar to Tyche in Greek mythology
5Furies“Avengers” or “angry ones”FemaleFemale deities of vengeance and retribution, known as the Erinyes in Greek mythology

Please note that names starting with “F” are relatively less common in Greek, and the list may be shorter compared to some other letters.

Other Greek Names Starting With:

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