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Greek Names Starting with “G”

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Step into the mystical world of Greek mythology, where every name carries a story of gods, heroes, and creatures that have captured human imagination for centuries. In this exploration, we focus on names that begin with the letter ‘G.’ From Gaia, the embodiment of the Earth itself, to the enchanting Galatea and the legendary Ganymede, these names reveal the rich tapestry of Greek mythology. Discover the meaning and associations behind each name as we unravel the timeless tales that have left an indelible mark on literature, art, and culture.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting with “G”

1Gaia“Earth”FemalePrimordial goddess of the Earth
2Galatea“Milk-white”FemaleSea nymph loved by the Cyclops Polyphemus
3Ganymede“Rejoicing in virility”MaleBeautiful Trojan youth, cupbearer of the gods
4Gorgon“Terrible”FemaleThree monstrous sisters with snakes for hair
5Graeae“Gray ones”FemaleThree sisters who shared one eye and one tooth

Please note that names starting with “G” are relatively less common in Greek, and the list may be shorter compared to some other letters.

Other Greek Names Starting With:

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