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Greek Names Starting With “I”

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Embark on a captivating journey through Greek mythology as we delve into names that commence with the letter ‘I.’ From the adventurous Icarus, who dared to defy the sun, to the enchanting Iris, the messenger of the gods and the embodiment of rainbows, each name carries a tale woven into the fabric of ancient Greece. Whether it’s the cunning Idomeneus leading in battle or the timeless epic, the Iliad, this exploration unveils the richness and diversity of Greek nomenclature. Join us in unraveling the meanings and associations behind these names, offering glimpses into a world of heroes, gods, and legendary sagas.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting With “I”

1Icarus“To follow, pursue”MaleSon of Daedalus
2Io“Moon”FemalePriestess of Hera
3Iphigenia“Born strong”FemaleDaughter of Agamemnon
4Iris“Rainbow”FemaleMessenger of the gods
5Isidore“Gift of Isis”UnisexIsis, Egyptian goddess
6Iolaus“Violet, purple”MaleNephew of Heracles
7Iphitus“Agile”MaleFriend of Heracles
8Iason“Healer”MaleLeader of the Argonauts
9Iolanthe“Violet flower”FemaleNymph associated with flowers
10Iole“Violet”FemalePrincess in Greek mythology
11Iasonas“Healer”MaleVariant of Jason
12Ismene“Knowledge”FemaleDaughter of Oedipus
13Iapetus“Piercer”MaleTitan in Greek mythology
14Ilythia“Of the birth chamber”FemaleGoddess of childbirth
15Iobates“Persuader”MaleKing in Greek mythology
16Iphicles“Strength of a horse”MaleTwin brother of Heracles
17Ianthe“Violet flower”FemaleOceanid in Greek mythology
18Ixion“Son of Ares”MaleKing in Greek mythology
19Iasion“Healer”MaleLover of Demeter
20Iacchus“Shouter”MaleMystic god of the Eleusinian mysteries
21Ismenios“Of the Ismenus River”MaleBoeotian hero
22Iobacchus“Cry aloud, shout”MaleDionysian epithet
23Iphiclus“Mighty in strength”MaleHalf-brother of Heracles
24Ida“Mountain”FemaleNymph and nurse of Zeus
25Iphinoe“Sweet-voiced”FemaleDaughter of Poseidon
26Iapetion“Piercer”MaleTitan in Greek mythology
27Ialysos“Strength”MaleHero in Greek mythology
28Ino“Strong-willed”FemaleSea goddess
29Iasion“Healer”MaleLover of Demeter
30Ilithyia“She who comes to aid in childbirth”FemaleGoddess of childbirth

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