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Greek Names Starting With “J”

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Journey into the realm of Greek mythology as we illuminate names that commence with the letter ‘J.’ Each name in this collection carries the echoes of ancient tales, from the heroic Jason leading the Argonauts on a quest for the Golden Fleece to the ethereal Ianthe, a nymph graced with the beauty of a violet flower. Explore the myths of Icarion, Idomeneus, and more, each contributing to the intricate tapestry of Greek lore. Join us on this odyssey, where the meanings and associations of these names unveil the fascinating narratives that have stood the test of time.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting With “J”

1Jason“Healer”MaleLeader of the Argonauts
2Jocasta“Shining moon”FemaleQueen of Thebes, Mother of Oedipus
3JoveVariant of ZeusMaleKing of the gods in Roman mythology
4Juno“Young”FemaleQueen of the gods in Roman mythology
5Jocelyn“Joyous”UnisexDerived from Greek elements
6Justinian“Just, righteous”MaleByzantine emperor
7Jasion“Healer”MaleLover of Demeter
8Janus“Archway, doorway”MaleRoman god of beginnings and transitions
9Jocobed“Glory of the father”FemaleMother of Moses
10Jonas“Dove”MaleProphet in the Bible
11JokastaVariant of JocastaFemaleQueen of Thebes, Mother of Oedipus
12Jolee“Pretty”FemaleModern variant
13Jophiel“Beauty of God”MaleArchangel in some traditions
14Josiah“Fire of the Lord”MaleKing of Judah in the Bible
15Jairus“Enlightens”MaleBiblical figure
16JocelineVariant of JocelynFemaleDerived from Greek elements
17Javan“Ionian”MaleBiblical figure
18Jocunda“Joyous”FemaleLatinized form
19Jupiter“Father Jove”MaleKing of the gods in Roman mythology
20Jolene“Pretty”FemaleModern variant
21JocelinVariant of JocelynFemaleDerived from Greek elements
22JasoniaFeminine form of JasonFemaleModern variant
23Jovian“Of Jove”MaleRoman emperor
24Jocosa“Joking”FemaleLatinized form
25Juba“African ruler”MaleHistorical figure
26Jeremias“Yahweh will exalt”MaleProphet in the Bible
27Jocundus“Joyful”MaleLatinized form
28Jax“To protect”MaleModern variant
29JocelinVariant of JocelynFemaleDerived from Greek elements
30Jambres“Opponent”MaleBiblical figure

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