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Greek Names Starting With “K”

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Embark on a captivating odyssey through the treasures of Greek mythology, where we explore names beginning with the letter ‘K.’ In this collection, meet mythical figures like the formidable King of the Underworld, Hades, and the graceful goddess of the hearth, Hestia. Uncover the tales of heroes such as the mighty Heracles and the swift-footed Hermes. These names not only represent characters of divine power but also encapsulate the essence of virtues, quests, and timeless adventures. Join us in unraveling the stories woven into the fabric of Greek culture, where every ‘K’ name is a portal to an ancient world of gods, mortals, and epic narratives.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting With “K”

1Kassandra“Shining upon men”FemaleTrojan prophetess
2Kyros“Supreme power”MalePersian king
3Kyra“Lord”FemaleVariant of Cyrus
4Kalliope“Beautiful voice”FemaleMuse of epic poetry
5Kastor“To excel”MaleOne of the Dioscuri (sons of Zeus)
6Kleio“Glory, fame”FemaleMuse of history
7Kyriakos“Of the Lord”MaleVariant of Kyrios (Lord)
8Kynthia“Of Cynthus”FemaleEpithet of Artemis
9Kallisto“Most beautiful”FemaleNymph and companion of Artemis
10Kallias“Beautiful”MaleName of several ancient Greeks
11KyveliVariant of CybeleFemalePhrygian goddess
12Kleon“Glory”MaleAthenian statesman
13Kymopoleia“Sea-warrior”FemaleDaughter of Poseidon
14Kepheus“King of Aethiopia”MaleKing in Greek mythology
15Kallistrate“Beautiful army”FemaleAncient Greek name
16Krios“Ram”MaleTitan in Greek mythology
17KynthiaVariant of CynthiaFemaleMoon goddess
18Kleitos“Renowned, illustrious”MaleCompanion of Alexander the Great
19Kallipateira“Beautiful mother”FemaleOlympic athlete and mother of a victor
20Koralia“Maiden”FemaleModern variant
21Kypris“Of Cyprus”FemaleEpithet of Aphrodite
22Kassandros“Shining upon men”MaleHistorical figure
23Klotho“Spinner”FemaleOne of the Fates
24Kyriaki“Of the Lord”FemaleVariant of Kyrios (Lord)
25Kyrios“Lord”MaleTitle of respect, often used for God
26KynthiaVariant of CynthiaFemaleMoon goddess
27Kassander“Shining upon men”MaleHistorical figure
28Kallistratos“Beautiful army”MaleAncient Greek name
29Kora“Maiden”FemaleDaughter of Demeter
30Kyrillos“Lordly”MaleGreek form of Cyril

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