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Greek Names Starting With “L”

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Embark on a mythical sojourn through the annals of Greek mythology as we delve into names commencing with the letter ‘L.’ This collection unveils a tapestry of legends, introducing figures like the radiant goddess Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis, and the heroic Leander, known for his legendary swim across the Hellespont. From the captivating nymphs such as Leda to the enduring tales of labyrinthine adventures, each ‘L’ name carries a story woven into the rich fabric of ancient Greece. Join us on this exploration where meanings and associations intertwine, offering glimpses into the captivating narratives of gods, mortals, and the timeless legacy of Greek lore.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting With “L”

1Leonidas“Lion-like”MaleSpartan king
2Lyra“Lyre”FemaleConstellation and musical instrument
3Lysander“Liberator”MaleSpartan general
4Leto“Hidden, forgotten”FemaleTitaness, mother of Apollo and Artemis
5Leander“Lion-man”MaleLover of Hero in Greek mythology
6Lyric“Lyre-like”UnisexMusical and poetic term
7Leda“Lady”FemaleQueen of Sparta, mother of Helen of Troy
8Leocadia“Clear, bright”FemaleChristian martyr
9Linos“Flax”MaleMusician in Greek mythology
10Lysistrata“Disbander of armies”FemaleAthenian woman in a comedy by Aristophanes
11Leontios“Lion-like”MaleByzantine emperor
12Lysimachus“A release from strife”MaleSuccessor of Alexander the Great
13Lycomedes“Glorious in song”MaleKing in Greek mythology
14Larissa“Citadel”FemaleAncient Greek city
15Lygdamis“People’s son”MaleHistorical figure
16Lampetia“Shining”FemaleNymph in Greek mythology
17Lycomedes“Glorious in song”MaleKing in Greek mythology
18Lysias“Liberator”MaleAncient Greek orator
19Laertes“Wanderer”MaleFather of Odysseus
20Lysistratus“Disbander of armies”MaleAncient Greek name
21Leontios“Lion-like”MaleByzantine emperor
22Lysippos“Releasing horses”MaleAncient Greek sculptor
23Lachesis“Apportioner”FemaleOne of the Fates
24Lycomedes“Glorious in song”MaleKing in Greek mythology
25Leonidas“Lion-like”MaleSpartan king
26Lystra“To dissolve”FemaleAncient city in Asia Minor
27Laodice“Justice of the people”FemaleSeveral historical figures
28Lycomedes“Glorious in song”MaleKing in Greek mythology
29Leontios“Lion-like”MaleByzantine emperor
30Lysander“Liberator”MaleSpartan general

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