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Greek Names Starting With “M”

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Embark on an enchanting odyssey through the captivating realms of Greek mythology as we venture into names beginning with the letter ‘M.’ This collection introduces a myriad of mythical figures, from the majestic god of the sun, Helios, to the wise and strategic goddess of wisdom, Athena. Discover the tales of mortal heroes like the indomitable Perseus and the legendary musician Orpheus. Each ‘M’ name encapsulates the essence of ancient Greek culture, weaving together stories of gods, goddesses, and extraordinary.

Most Famous Greek Names Starting With “M”

1Marios“Male, manly”MaleVariant of Mars, Roman god of war
2Melina“Honey”FemaleModern variant
3Miltiades“Red earth”MaleAthenian general at the Battle of Marathon
4Melisande“Strength”FemaleOld French name with Greek roots
5Morpheus“Form, shape”MaleGod of dreams
6Myron“Myrrh, perfume”MaleAncient Greek sculptor
7Medea“Middle”FemaleSorceress in Greek mythology
8Menelaus“With rage”MaleKing of Sparta, husband of Helen
9Marina“Of the sea”FemaleVariant of Marine
10Makeda“Beautiful”FemaleQueen of Sheba
11Midas“King”MaleKing with the golden touch
12Myrrhine“Fragrant”FemaleCharacter in Greek drama
13Mnestheus“Remembrance”MaleCompanion of Aeneas in Roman mythology
14Melaina“Dark, black”FemaleNymph in Greek mythology
15Menoikeus“Dwelling in the house”MaleName in Greek mythology
16Myrrha“Fragrant oil”FemaleTransformed into a myrrh tree in mythology
17Melpomene“Singing”FemaleMuse of tragedy
18Miltiades“Red earth”MaleAthenian general at the Battle of Marathon
19Merope“With face turned”FemaleOne of the Pleiades
20Mycenae“Mushroom”FemaleAncient Greek city
21Megara“Great”FemaleWife of Heracles
22Mithridates“Gift of Mithras”MaleSeveral historical figures
23Merope“With face turned”FemaleQueen of Corinth in mythology
24Myron“Myrrh, perfume”MaleAncient Greek sculptor
25Milos“Apple”MaleGreek island
26Medusa“Guardian, protectress”FemaleGorgon in Greek mythology
27Menelaus“With rage”MaleKing of Sparta, husband of Helen
28Melanthius“Black flower”MaleCharacter in Greek mythology
29Merope“With face turned”FemaleOne of the Pleiades
30Megacles“Great glory”MaleName in Greek mythology

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