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Greek Names Starting With “O”

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Embark on an odyssey through the enchanting tapestry of Greek mythology as we delve into names commencing with the letter ‘O.’ This collection introduces a spectrum of mythical figures, from the mighty god of the underworld, Hades, to the ethereal goddess of the dawn, Eos. Uncover the tales of heroes like Orpheus, the gifted musician who ventured into the depths of the Underworld. Each ‘O’ name carries the weight of ancient narratives, weaving together stories of gods, goddesses, and mortal endeavors. Join us on this captivating journey where meanings unravel, offering insights into the profound myths that define Greek culture.

Most Famous Greek Names Starting With “O”

1Odysseus“Angry, wrathful”MaleHero of the Odyssey
2Ophelia“Help”FemaleCharacter in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
3Orion“Rising”MaleGiant and hunter in Greek mythology
4Orestes“Mountain”MaleSon of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
5Ophion“Snake”MalePrimeval serpent deity in Greek mythology
6Olympia“From Mount Olympus”FemaleAssociated with Mount Olympus
7Oenone“Wine woman”FemaleNymph in Greek mythology, wife of Paris
8Odalys“Song of Ithaca”FemaleModern variant
9Ozymandias“King of Kings”MalePoetic name with Greek origins
10Olympos“Home of the gods”MaleMount Olympus in Greek mythology
11Orestia“Of the mountains”FemaleVariant of Orestes
12Odalisque“Maiden”FemaleTerm used in art, often associated with harem women
13Onyx“Fingernail”UnisexGemstone with Greek origin
14Ophion“Snake”MalePrimeval serpent deity in Greek mythology
15Oceane“Ocean”FemaleFrench form of Oceanus, Titan of the ocean
16Oileus“Little”MaleParticipant in the Trojan War
17Olympia“From Mount Olympus”FemaleAssociated with Mount Olympus
18Omphale“Naval, navel”FemaleQueen of Lydia in Greek mythology
19Orpheus“Darkness”MaleLegendary musician and poet
20Oread“Mountain nymph”FemaleNymph associated with mountains
21Olen“Growth, progress”MaleMythical Greek poet
22Oenomaus“Wine fighter”MaleKing in Greek mythology
23Orestes“Mountain”MaleSon of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
24Ophelia“Help”FemaleCharacter in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
25Odysseus“Angry, wrathful”MaleHero of the Odyssey
26Orion“Rising”MaleGiant and hunter in Greek mythology
27Olympos“Home of the gods”MaleMount Olympus in Greek mythology
28Orestia“Of the mountains”FemaleVariant of Orestes
29Orpheus“Darkness”MaleLegendary musician and poet
30Oceane“Ocean”FemaleFrench form of Oceanus, Titan of the ocean

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