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Greek Names Starting With “P”

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Embark on a mythical odyssey through the realms of Greek mythology as we delve into names beginning with the letter ‘P.’ This collection introduces a captivating array of mythical figures, from the powerful god of the sea, Poseidon, to the wise and strategic goddess of wisdom, Pallas Athena. Uncover the tales of heroes like Perseus, the slayer of the Gorgon Medusa, and witness the enduring legacy of Prometheus, the Titan who bestowed fire upon humanity. Each ‘P’ name carries the weight of ancient narratives, weaving together stories of gods, goddesses, and extraordinary adventures. Join us on this enchanting journey where meanings unfold, offering glimpses into the timeless tapestry of Greek lore.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting With “P”

1Perseus“Destroyer”MaleHero who defeated Medusa
2Penelope“Weaver”FemaleWife of Odysseus
3Phoebe“Bright, pure”FemaleTitaness of the moon and prophecy
4Paris“Wager”MalePrince of Troy, caused the Trojan War
5Pandora“All-gifted”FemaleFirst woman created by the gods
6Pyrrhus“Red-haired”MaleSon of Achilles
7Pan“Shepherd”MaleGod of the wild, shepherds, and flocks
8Phaedra“Bright”FemaleDaughter of Minos, tragic figure in mythology
9Priam“Redeemer”MaleKing of Troy during the Trojan War
10Phaeton“Shining”MaleSon of Helios, drove the sun chariot
11Polyxena“Many foreigners”FemaleDaughter of Priam, sacrificed after the Trojan War
12Pegasus“Spring, well”MaleWinged horse in Greek mythology
13Pelops“Dark-eyed”MaleMythical king, part of the Peloponnesian peninsula
14Persephone“Bringer of death”FemaleQueen of the Underworld, daughter of Demeter
15Phaedrus“Bright”MaleAncient Greek name
16Philomela“Lover of song”FemaleTransformed into a nightingale in mythology
17Panagiotis“All-holy”MaleGreek Orthodox Christian name
18Polyphemus“Many-voiced”MaleCyclops in Greek mythology
19Pythia“Pythoness”FemalePriestess at the Oracle of Delphi
20Phoebus“Bright, pure”MaleEpithet of Apollo
21Proteus“First”MaleSea god who could change his shape
22Philander“Lover of mankind”MaleAncient Greek name
23Polyhymnia“Many hymns”FemaleMuse of sacred poetry
24Panthea“All the gods”FemaleTitle for a goddess or a woman honored by all the gods
25Phocion“Seal”MaleAthenian statesman and general
26Philemon“Lover of man”MaleCharacter in Greek mythology, turned into a tree with Baucis
27Pandora“All-gifted”FemaleFirst woman created by the gods
28Polyxena“Many foreigners”FemaleDaughter of Priam, sacrificed after the Trojan War
29Pyrrha“Red”FemaleDaughter of Epimetheus and Pandora, survivor of the flood
30Philoctetes“Beloved and strong”MaleHero in the Trojan War

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