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Greek Names Starting With “S”

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Exploring the rich world of Greek names can be a fascinating journey, as it offers a glimpse into the language, culture, and mythology of ancient Greece. In this article, we delve into Greek names that start with the letter ‘S.’ Each name carries its own unique meaning and often has connections to historical figures, deities, or significant virtues. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for naming a child, curious about the origins of names, or simply interested in the beauty of Greek nomenclature, this list provides a diverse selection of names, their meanings, and associations. Join us on this exploration of Greek names that have left an indelible mark on history and continue to captivate our imaginations.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting With “S”

1Sophia“Wisdom”FemaleVirtue and feminine name
2Socrates“Strength of the whole”MaleAncient Greek philosopher
3Selene“Moon”FemaleTitaness of the moon
4Stephanos“Crown”MaleAncient Greek name, means “crowned”
5Spyridon“Spiritual”MaleGreek Orthodox Christian saint
6Silas“Wood, forest”MaleBiblical figure
7Seraphina“Fiery, burning ones”FemaleAngelic beings in Christian theology
8Stylianos“Pillar”MaleGreek Orthodox Christian saint
9Selene“Moon”FemaleTitaness of the moon
10Stavros“Cross”MaleGreek name with Christian significance
11Sophocles“Wisdom-glory”MaleAncient Greek playwright
12Seraphim“Fiery, burning ones”MaleAngelic beings in Christian theology
13Stavroula“Little cross”FemaleGreek name with Christian significance
14Sotiris“Savior”MaleGreek name with Christian significance
15Sophronia“Prudent, sensible”FemaleAncient Greek name
16SapphoName of the poet SapphoFemaleAncient Greek poet
17Stephanos“Crown”MaleAncient Greek name, means “crowned”
18Spyros“Spiritual”MaleGreek name with Christian significance
19Silvana“Wooded”FemaleModern variant with Greek roots
20Stavros“Cross”MaleGreek name with Christian significance
21Selene“Moon”FemaleTitaness of the moon
22Seraphina“Fiery, burning ones”FemaleAngelic beings in Christian theology
23Stylianos“Pillar”MaleGreek Orthodox Christian saint
24Socrates“Strength of the whole”MaleAncient Greek philosopher
25Sophocles“Wisdom-glory”MaleAncient Greek playwright
26Spyridon“Spiritual”MaleGreek Orthodox Christian saint
27Seraphim“Fiery, burning ones”MaleAngelic beings in Christian theology
28Sotiris“Savior”MaleGreek name with Christian significance
29Sophronia“Prudent, sensible”FemaleAncient Greek name
30SapphoName of the poet SapphoFemaleAncient Greek poet

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