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Greek Names Starting With “U”

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Delve into the unique world of Greek names that begin with the letter ‘U.’ While relatively rare, these names hold a special charm and often carry historical, celestial, or mythological significance. From the celestial beauty of Urania to the enduring legacy of Ulysses, this list showcases a selection of Greek names that stand out for their distinct meanings and associations. Join us on a journey through this intriguing collection of names that offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Greek culture and history.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting With “U”

1Urania“Heavenly”FemaleOne of the Muses
2Urban“Of the city”MaleModern variant
3UlyssesVariant of OdysseusMaleHero of the Odyssey
4Ursa“Bear”FemaleConstellation name
5Uranus“Heaven”MalePrimordial god of the sky
6Uranus“Heaven”MalePrimordial god of the sky
7UlyssesVariant of OdysseusMaleHero of the Odyssey
8Urania“Heavenly”FemaleOne of the Muses
9Ursa“Bear”FemaleConstellation name
10Urban“Of the city”MaleModern variant

Please note that names starting with “U” are relatively less common in Greek, and the list may be shorter compared to some other letters.

Other Greek Names Starting With:

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