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Greek Names Starting With “X”

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Venture into the world of Greek names that begin with the distinctive letter ‘X.’ While relatively less common, these names carry their own unique charm and cultural significance. From Xenia, symbolizing the virtue of hospitality, to the modern variants like Xander and Xanthi, this list showcases a selection of Greek names that are as diverse as they are intriguing. Join us on a journey through this collection of names that reflect ancient traditions, philosophical roots, and the evolving tapestry of Greek nomenclature.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting With “X”

1Xenia“Hospitality”FemaleAncient Greek virtue
2Xander“Defender of the people”MaleModern variant of Alexander
3Xanthi“Blonde, yellow”FemaleModern Greek name
4Xenophon“Foreign voice”MaleAncient Greek philosopher
5Xara“Grace”FemaleModern Greek name
6Xeno“Stranger”MalePrefix meaning “foreign”
7Xiomara“Famous in battle”FemaleModern variant
8Xerxes“Warrior”MalePersian king in history
9Xandra“Defender of the people”FemaleFeminine form of Xander
10Xanthia“Yellow”FemaleVariant of Xanthi
11Xenia“Hospitality”FemaleAncient Greek virtue
12Xander“Defender of the people”MaleModern variant of Alexander
13Xanthi“Blonde, yellow”FemaleModern Greek name
14Xenophon“Foreign voice”MaleAncient Greek philosopher
15Xara“Grace”FemaleModern Greek name
16Xeno“Stranger”MalePrefix meaning “foreign”
17Xiomara“Famous in battle”FemaleModern variant
18Xerxes“Warrior”MalePersian king in history
19Xandra“Defender of the people”FemaleFeminine form of Xander
20Xanthia“Yellow”FemaleVariant of Xanthi

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