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Greek Names Starting With “Y”

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Embark on a journey into the realm of Greek names that begin with the intriguing letter ‘Y.’ While less common in Greek nomenclature, these names bear their own unique charm and significance. From the timeless Yannis, meaning ‘God is gracious,’ to the modern Yolanda, symbolizing a ‘violet flower,’ this list presents a selection of Greek names that offer a blend of tradition and contemporary appeal. Join us in exploring this captivating collection of names, each with its own story to tell and cultural connections to uncover.

Most Popular Greek Names Starting With “Y”

1Yannis“God is gracious”MaleCommon Greek name
2Yolanda“Violet flower”FemaleModern Greek name
3Yiorgos“Farmer, earthworker”MaleCommon Greek name
4Yvonne“Yew tree”FemaleModern variant
Please note that Greek names starting with “Y” are relatively less common, and the list may be shorter compared to some other letters.

Other Greek Names Starting With:

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