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Greek Names Starting With “Z”

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Journey into the world of Greek names that commence with the captivating letter ‘Z.’ While less prevalent, these names possess a unique allure and profound meanings. From the windswept Zephyr, symbolizing the west wind, to the timeless Zoe, meaning ‘Life,’ this list offers a glimpse into the diversity of Greek nomenclature. Join us in exploring this collection of names, each carrying its own significance and evoking historical, mythological, and contemporary associations.

1Zephyr“West wind”MalePersonification of the west wind
2Zoe“Life”FemaleCommon Greek name
3Zacharias“Remembered by God”MaleVariant of Zachary
4Zenobia“Life of Zeus”FemaleHistorical queen
5Zeno“Gift of Zeus”MaleAncient Greek philosopher
6Zara“Seed”FemaleModern Greek name

Please note that names starting with “Z” are relatively less common in Greek, and the list may be shorter compared to some other letters.

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