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Greek Names Starting with “A”

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Greek mythology offers a rich array of characters, each with names steeped in meaning and history. This collection, beginning with ‘A’, showcases a range from Achilles’ valor to Amalthea’s care. These names embody the essence of ancient Greek culture, reflecting virtues, natural elements, and profound human experiences. They are not just names but stories, integral to the vibrant fabric of Greek mythology and our understanding of Western civilization’s roots.

Most Popular Greek Names starting with “A”

1Achilles“Pain”MaleHero of the Trojan War
2Adonis“Lord”MaleGod of beauty and desire
3Aeolus“Quick-moving”MaleKeeper of the winds
4Agamemnon“Very resolute”MaleKing and leader in the Trojan War
5Ajax“Eagle”MaleHero of the Trojan War
6Alcmene“Might of the moon”FemaleMother of Heracles
7Amphitrite“The third one who encircles”FemaleSea goddess
8Andromache“Man battler” or “fighter of men”FemaleWife of Hector
9Andromeda“Ruler of men”FemalePrincess saved by Perseus
10Antigone“Against birth” or “in place of a mother”FemaleDaughter of Oedipus
11ApolloUnknown meaning, possibly related to “stone”MaleGod of music, arts, knowledge
12Ares“Bane, ruin”MaleGod of war
13Argus“Shining”MaleThe hundred-eyed giant
14Ariadne“Most holy”FemaleDaughter of Minos, helped Theseus
15Artemis“Butcher”FemaleGoddess of the hunt, wilderness
16Asclepius“Cut up”MaleGod of medicine
17Asteria“Star”FemaleTitaness of nocturnal oracles and falling stars
18Athena“Mind” or “intelligence”FemaleGoddess of wisdom, warfare
19Atlas“To endure”MaleTitan condemned to hold up the sky
20Atreus“Fearless”MaleKing of Mycenae
21Atropos“Inexorable” or “inevitable”FemaleOne of the Fates
22Amphion“Double song”MaleMusician and builder of Thebes’ walls
23Ananke“Necessity”FemalePersonification of inevitability
24Antaeus“Opposite” or “against”MaleGiant defeated by Heracles
25Antiope“Against” + “eye, face”FemaleAmazonian queen
26Aeacus“Grief”MaleKing of Aegina, judge of the dead
27Aether“Upper air” or “bright, shining ether”MalePersonification of the upper sky
28Aethra“Bright sky”FemaleMother of Theseus
29Aglaia“Splendor, brilliance”FemaleOne of the Charites
30Alcestis“Might of the home”FemaleKnown for her devotion to her husband
31Alcyone“Kingfisher”FemaleTransformed into a bird
32Aletheia“Truth”FemaleGoddess of truth
33Amalthea“Tender goddess”FemaleNurtured Zeus as a baby
34Anaxandra“Protector of men”FemalePrincess of Crete
35Anchises“Close”MaleLover of Aphrodite, father of Aeneas
36Androgeos“Man of the earth”MaleSon of Minos
37Antheia“Flower” or “blossom”FemaleEpithet of Hera, goddess of gardens
38Antiochus“Against” + “to hold or possess”MaleName of several historical figures
39AnyteUnknown meaningFemaleAncient Greek poet
40Aphaea“Disappearing”FemaleGoddess associated with fertility and the agricultural cycle
41Aphrodite“Risen from sea-foam”FemaleGoddess of love and beauty
42Arcas“Bear”MaleSon of Zeus and Callisto
43Aretusa“The waterer”FemaleNaiad transformed into a spring
44Arethusa“The waterer”FemaleNymph associated with a fountain
45Argos“Bright”MaleMany characters, including Odysseus’ dog
46Ariadne“Most holy”FemaleHelped Theseus in the Labyrinth
47Arion“Melodious”MaleImmortal horse
48Aristaeus“Best”MaleMinor god of bee-keeping, cheese-making
49Artemidorus“Gift of Artemis”MaleSeveral historical figures
50Asopus“River god”MaleGod of the river Asopus

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