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Sort the Gods! Prevent The Carnage!

Published by Zain ul Abideen

About This Game

Step into the world of divine family dynamics with our immersive game, “Sort the Gods! Prevent The Carnage!” Picture a household filled not with ordinary family members, but with the most powerful deities from Greek mythology spanning three generations. It’s a recipe for chaos, with the younger gods challenging the authority of the elder ones. To avert the reenactment of epic clashes like the Chronus-Zeus feud, it’s up to you to bring harmony and order. Your mission? Categorize each god and goddess into their rightful groups: Primordial, Titan, or Olympian. Only by doing so can you ensure everlasting peace among the divine ranks. Are you ready to mediate and prevent a celestial showdown? Join us in this epic quest on MythoHub and restore serenity to the divine household!

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