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Norse Names Starting With “E”

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In the rich tapestry of Norse mythology and history, names hold a significant place. Each name carries its own unique story, often rooted in the ancient tales of gods, warriors, and legendary figures. In this exploration of Norse names starting with the letter “E,” we dive into a world of captivating monikers that have endured the test of time, offering a glimpse into the fascinating heritage of the Norse culture.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.EirGoddess associated with medical skill
2.EinherjarWarriors who died in battle and were brought to Valhalla
3.EmblaThe first woman in Norse mythology, created from an elm tree
4.EddaA term for the source of Norse mythological and heroic tales
5.EinmyriaA child of Loki, whose name signifies “ashes”
6.EitriA dwarf who crafted many magical objects for the gods
7.EldhrimnirThe cauldron in which the cook Andhrímnir prepares food for the Einherjar
8.EikinskjaldiA dwarf, whose name means “oaken shield”
9.EarA mythical sea-serpent
10.EikthyrnirThe stag that stands atop Valhalla and chews the World Tree
11.EggtherA watcher or herdsman in Jotunheim
12.EyrgjafaA river mentioned in Norse mythology
13.EylimiThe father of Hjordis and father-in-law of Sigurd
14.EistlaA variant of Eistla, potentially a giantess or mythic figure
15.EimyrjaA daughter of Loki, sister of Einmyria
16.EikthyrniA variation of Eikthyrnir, the stag atop Valhalla
17.EljudnirHel’s hall in the underworld
18.EirikrA name common in Norse sagas, meaning “eternal ruler”
19.EikinskaldiA variation of Eikinskjaldi, the dwarf
20.EimyrjaAnother form of Eimyrja, daughter of Loki
21.EylimaA variation of Eylimi, father of Hjordis
22.ElivagarRivers that existed in Ginnungagap at the beginning of time
23.EinridiA name found in Norse myths, meaning “one who rides alone”
24.EirikA variation of Eirikr, a common Norse name
25.EyfuraA river or body of water in Norse mythology
26.EldgjáA volcanic fissure in Iceland, associated with Ragnarok
27.ElivogarAnother spelling for Elivagar, the ancient rivers
28.EylaugA name from Norse myths, possibly a variant of Eylimi
29.EikinskaldAnother form of Eikinskjaldi, the dwarf
30.EinmyriA variation of Einmyria, child of Loki
31.EinheriSingular form of Einherjar, a warrior who reached Valhalla
32.EirikssonA patronymic form, meaning “son of Eirik”
33.EidskogA region or place name in Norse mythology
34.EirikrssonAnother patronymic, meaning “son of Eirikr”
35.EyrgjaA variation of Eyrgjafa, a mythological river
36.EldingA term meaning “lightning” or “fire,” in Norse context
37.EljudniAnother form of Eljudnir, Hel’s hall
38.EikinA name that may relate to “oak,” significant in Norse culture
39.EyvindrA Norse name, possibly meaning “island wind”
40.EilifA Norse name, potentially meaning “ever living”
41.EirikjaA female form of Eirikr, a common Norse name
42.EilimiA variation of Eylimi, father of Hjordis
43.EirikssonAnother form of Eiriksson, meaning “son of Eirik”
44.EinvigiA term that could refer to a single combat or duel
45.EiriksPossessive form of Eirik, a Norse name
46.EyrA term that could refer to a gravel bank or similar feature
47.Eirikr’sPossessive form of Eirikr, a Norse name
48.EldhrimirAnother spelling for Eldhrimnir, Andhrímnir’s cauldron
49.EystridalA place or region name in Norse mythology
50.EylaugssonA patronymic form, meaning “son of Eylaug”
Norse Names Starting With “E”

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