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Norse Names Starting With “G”

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Exploring the rich and fascinating world of Norse names can be an exciting journey, especially when we focus on a specific letter of the alphabet. In this article, we delve into the realm of Norse names that begin with the letter “G.” Whether you’re looking for a unique name for your baby or simply intrigued by the history and meaning behind these names, join us on a captivating exploration of some of the most intriguing and meaningful Norse names that start with G.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.GungnirOdin’s magical spear
2.GimleA place in Asgard where the righteous live after Ragnarok
3.GullveigA figure associated with gold and magic, reborn as Freyja
4.GeriOne of Odin’s wolves
5.GefjonGoddess associated with ploughing and foreknowledge
6.GjallarhornHeimdall’s horn that is sounded at the onset of Ragnarok
7.GarmThe hound that guards the gates of Hel
8.GrendelA creature in the epic “Beowulf,” sometimes linked to Norse mythology
9.GridA giantess and one of Odin’s lovers
10.GroaA völva or seeress who tried to heal Thor’s head wound
11.GalarOne of the dwarfs who killed the wise Kvasir
12.GinnungagapThe primordial void before the creation of the cosmos
13.GudrunA heroine in the Volsunga saga and the Poetic Edda
14.GeirrodA giant who tried to kill Thor
15.GullinburstiThe golden-bristled boar created by the dwarfs Brokkr and Sindri
16.GulltoppOne of the horses of the gods
17.GnaMessenger goddess, servant of Frigg
18.GunnarA hero in the Volsunga Saga
19.GullfaxiThe horse of the giant Hrungnir
20.GladsheimOdin’s hall in Asgard
21.GnipahellirThe cave where Garm is chained
22.GjollA river that separates the living from the dead
23.Grendel’s MotherA creature in “Beowulf,” sometimes linked to Norse mythology
24.GlitnirForseti’s hall, shining and golden
25.GudrunWife of Sigurd in the Volsunga Saga
26.GillingA giant, whose death led to the creation of the Mead of Poetry
27.GondulOne of the Valkyries
28.GunnlodThe giantess guarding the Mead of Poetry
29.GandalfA dwarf from the Dvergatal in the Poetic Edda
30.GefnAnother name for the goddess Freyja
31.GangleriA name used by Odin during his travels
32.GjukiA king in the Volsunga Saga
33.GerdA beautiful giantess, wife of Freyr
34.GeirvimulOne of the rivers in Norse cosmology
35.GlaurA name mentioned in Norse poetry
36.GeirahodA location in Norse mythology
37.GulveigA variant spelling of Gullveig
38.GlærOne of the horses in Norse mythology
39.GjalpA giantess, daughter of Geirrod
40.GjallarbruThe bridge over the river Gjoll, leading to Hel
41.GreipA giantess, sister of Gjalp
42.GraniThe horse of the hero Sigurd
43.GnipaA cave or place in Norse mythology
44.GalarA dwarf who created the Mead of Poetry with his brother Fjalar
45.GeirodA variant spelling of Geirrod, a giant
46.GullintanniAnother name for Heimdall, meaning “gold tooth”
47.GeirskogulOne of the Valkyries, whose name means “spear-bearer”
48.GalarA dwarf involved in the creation of the Mead of Poetry
49.GeiravorA name possibly linked to Norse mythology
50.GrimnirA name used by Odin, meaning “masked one” or “hooded one”
Norse Names Starting With “G”

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