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Norse Names Starting With “H”

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In the realm of Norse mythology, names held great significance, often reflecting the character, strength, or deeds of the individuals they adorned. In this exploration of Norse names starting with the letter “H,” we delve into a fascinating collection of monikers from the ancient Viking culture. These names not only carry historical weight but also offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Norse heritage and its enduring influence on modern society.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.HeimdallGuardian of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge
2.HelGoddess of the underworld
3.HodrThe blind god who inadvertently killed his brother Balder
4.HuginnOne of Odin’s ravens, representing thought
5.MuninnOne of Odin’s ravens, representing memory
6.HermodThe messenger of the gods
7.HreidmarA king in the Volsunga Saga
8.HrimfaxiThe horse that pulls the night across the sky
9.HoenirA long-legged, indecisive god
10.HuginAlternate spelling of Huginn, Odin’s raven
11.HildrA valkyrie in Norse mythology
12.HeidrunThe goat whose milk is mead for the fallen warriors in Valhalla
13.HlidskjalfOdin’s high throne, from which he sees everything
14.HrungnirA giant defeated by Thor
15.HræsvelgrA giant in the form of an eagle sitting at the end of the world
16.HyrrokkinA giantess who launched Balder’s funeral ship
17.HnossThe daughter of Freyja, whose name means “treasure”
18.HraesvelgAlternate spelling of Hræsvelgr, the giant eagle
19.Hati HróðvitnissonA wolf that chases the moon
20.HrappA character in the Icelandic sagas
21.HveðrungrAnother name for Loki
22.HymirA giant, the father of Tyr’s mother
23.HrafnThe Old Norse word for “raven”
24.HniflA name in Norse mythology, possibly related to a weapon
25.HolleA deity or mythical figure in Norse and Germanic folklore
26.HroðvitnirAnother name for Fenrir, the monstrous wolf
27.HofvarpnirThe horse of the goddess Gná
28.HrafnkelA character in the Icelandic sagas
29.HjukiA character in Norse mythology, taken to the moon by Mani
30.HundingiAn enemy family in the Volsunga Saga
31.HrymA giant who steers the ship Naglfar in Ragnarok
32.HolmgangA type of duel practiced in Norse culture
33.Hrafnagud“Raven-God,” an epithet for Odin
34.HarbardAn alias used by Odin, especially in his encounter with Thor
35.HleseyAn island mentioned in Norse mythology
36.HjalmberiA character in Norse sagas
37.HalogiA mythical fire giant
38.HarAn epithet for Odin, meaning “High”
39.HnikarAnother name for Odin
40.HundingsbaneAn epithet for Sigurd, who killed the sons of Hunding
41.HrafnnaA female name in Norse culture, meaning “raven”
42.HraunThe Old Norse word for “lava” or “rock”
43.HuldA völva or sorceress in Norse mythology
44.HunthiofA character in Norse sagas
45.HyndluljóðAn Old Norse poem in which the goddess Freyja speaks
46.HymiskviðaA poem in the Poetic Edda describing Thor’s fishing trip
47.HrymrAlternate spelling of Hrym, the giant from Ragnarok
48.Hrafnkel FreysgoðiA chieftain in one of the Icelandic sagas
49.HlebardAlternate spelling of Harbard, Odin’s alias
50.HallinskidiOne of the goats that pull Thor’s chariot
Norse Names Starting With “H”

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