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Norse Names Starting With “M”

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In the vast tapestry of Norse mythology and history, names hold a special significance. Each name carries with it a rich legacy, often tied to the powerful gods, legendary warriors, and mythical creatures of the North. In this exploration of Norse names starting with the letter “M,” we delve into a world of ancient meaning and cultural resonance, uncovering the stories and symbolism behind these remarkable monikers.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.MjolnirThor’s powerful hammer
2.MidgardThe world of humans, one of the nine realms
3.MagniThor’s son, known for his immense strength
4.ModiAnother son of Thor, associated with wrath
5.MuspelheimThe realm of fire, home to the fire giants
6.MimirThe wise god whose severed head imparts knowledge
7.ManiThe god of the Moon
8.MuninnOne of Odin’s ravens, representing memory
9.MimisbrunnrMimir’s well of wisdom and knowledge
10.Mead of PoetryA magical mead granting the skill of poetry
11.MidgardsormrAnother name for Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent
12.MistletoeThe plant used to kill Balder
13.MuspellAnother form of Muspelheim, the fiery realm
14.Mjolnir’s StrikeReferring to the power and impact of Thor’s hammer
15.ModgudrThe guardian of the bridge over the river Gjoll in Hel
16.MenglothA lesser-known figure in Norse mythology
17.MardollAnother name for the goddess Freyja
18.MyrkwoodA forest in Norse mythology, associated with darkness
19.Midgard SerpentAnother name for Jormungandr
20.MokkurkalfiA clay giant created to fight Thor
21.MenjaA giantess who works at the mill Grotte
22.MenglodA giantess or goddess in Norse mythology
23.Midgard’s VeilA metaphor for the world’s mysteries or boundaries
24.Mjolnir’s MightThe formidable power of Thor’s hammer
25.Mjolnir’s ReturnThe characteristic of Thor’s hammer to return when thrown
26.MoinnA name in Norse mythology, possibly a creature or object
27.MeiliThor’s lesser-known brother
28.MistOne of the Valkyries in Norse mythology
29.ModthrythoA queen in the Anglo-Saxon epic “Beowulf”
30.MundilfariThe father of Mani and Sol, the moon and sun
31.Menglod’s HallThe dwelling of the giantess or goddess Menglod
32.Muspel’s SonsThe inhabitants or warriors of Muspelheim
33.MyrkalfarA term for dark elves or dwarfs in Norse mythology
34.Midgard’s FateA term for the destiny or future of the human world
35.Mjolnir’s PowerThe strength and capabilities of Thor’s hammer
36.MyrkheimAnother name for Niflheim, the world of mist and darkness
37.Mjolnir’s SwingA reference to Thor wielding his hammer in battle
38.MimameidrA mythical tree in Norse mythology, possibly Yggdrasil
39.MornA name in Norse mythology, meaning “darkness” or “gloom”
40.MyrkvidrA dark forest in Norse mythology
41.ModthrythA variation of Modthrytho from “Beowulf”
42.Mjolnir’s ThunderThe sound associated with Thor’s hammer
43.Midgard’s ChampionA term for a hero or defender of the human realm
44.Mjolnir’s FlightThe journey of Thor’s hammer when thrown
45.MardalfA lesser-known figure in Norse mythology
46.Midgard’s WatchmanA term for Heimdall, guardian of the Bifrost bridge
47.Mjolnir’s ForgingThe creation of Thor’s hammer by the dwarfs
48.MundilfareAlternate spelling of Mundilfari, father of Mani and Sol
49.Mjolnir’s BlowA strike or hit from Thor’s hammer
50.MyrkthursA term for dark or evil giants in Norse mythology
Norse Names Starting With “M”

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