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Norse Names Starting With “N”

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In the rich tapestry of Norse mythology and history, names hold a profound significance. In this article, we delve into the captivating world of Norse names, specifically those that begin with the letter “N.” These names, steeped in the ancient culture and traditions of the Norse people, carry stories, meanings, and a connection to the past that continues to resonate today.

#NameMeaning or Association
1.NjordThe god of the sea, wind, and fertility
2.NaglfarA ship made from the nails of the dead, used in Ragnarok
3.NornsThe beings who determine the fate of gods and men
4.NiflheimThe world of mist, ice, and cold
5.NarfiLoki’s son who is turned into a wolf
6.NannaThe wife of Balder, dies of grief at his death
7.NiðhöggrA dragon/serpent who gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil
8.NidavellirThe realm of the dwarfs
9.NerthusA goddess associated with fertility and the earth
10.Njord’s TearsA kenning for gold in Norse mythology
11.NottThe personification of night
12.NastrondA part of Hel, where Nidhogg resides
13.Njord’s ShipsA reference to vessels associated with the sea god Njord
14.NidhoggAlternative spelling of Niðhöggr, the malicious serpent
15.NidafjollMountains in Norse mythology where treasures are forged
16.Njord’s WealthA reference to the prosperity and abundance of the sea god
17.NiflhelAnother name for Niflheim, the world of cold and mist
18.NidafjöllAnother spelling of Nidafjoll, mythical mountains
19.NiflungarAnother term for the Nibelungs or the treasure they possess
20.NjardarheimThe realm or home of Njord
21.Niflheim’s FrostA reference to the icy cold of Niflheim
22.Nastrond’s ShoreThe shores of Nastrond in the underworld
23.NithogA variation of Nidhogg, the malicious dragon
24.Niflheim’s SerpentReferring to Nidhogg, who dwells in Niflheim
25.NordriOne of the four dwarfs holding up the sky in Norse mythology
26.Nifl MountainsA shortened form of Nidafjoll
27.NithardA name in Norse sagas, potentially a warrior or hero
28.Njord’s HallThe dwelling place of the god Njord
29.Niflheim’s IceThe ice and frost of Niflheim
30.NaglfariA character in Norse mythology, possibly a giant
31.Nidafjoll’s GoldThe treasures forged in the mountains of Nidafjoll
32.Njord’s SeaThe sea, which is under the dominion of Njord
33.Niflheim’s MistThe misty expanse of Niflheim
34.Nastrond’s CaveA dreadful cave in Nastrond
35.Nidhogg’s BiteThe destructive action of Nidhogg on Yggdrasil’s roots
36.Nordri’s KinReferring to the family or kin of the dwarf Nordri
37.Niflheim’s ColdThe cold and chill of Niflheim
38.Nidavellir’s HallsThe dwellings of the dwarfs in Nidavellir
39.Njord’s BoatsThe ships or vessels associated with Njord
40.Norns’ WellThe well where the Norns reside and weave fate
41.Niflheim’s DepthsThe deep and hidden areas of Niflheim
42.Naglfar’s CrewThe dead who man the ship Naglfar at Ragnarok
43.Niflheim’s RealmThe realm or world of Niflheim
44.Njord’s BlessingA term for the prosperity or good fortune given by Njord
45.Nastrond’s DragonsThe dragons or serpents that inhabit Nastrond
46.Nidhogg’s RoarThe fearsome sound or presence of Nidhogg
47.Njord’s KinThe family or relatives of Njord
48.Niflheim’s ShadowsThe dark or hidden areas of Niflheim
49.Nidafjoll’s FiresThe fires or forges in the mountains of Nidafjoll
50.Naglfar’s VoyageThe journey or voyage of the ship Naglfar
Norse Names Starting With “N”

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